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Winter Break Camp Registration 2018

Winter Break Camp

Springhill will be closed from December 24th through January 4th for Winter Break.  Hideout will remain open Wednesday through Friday of each week (Dec 26th - 28th and Jan 2nd - 4th).

We will be closed on  Monday & Tuesday December 24th & 25th in observance of Christmas Eve & Day, and Monday & Tuesday, Dec 31st & Jan 1st in Observance of New Years Eve & Day.

Hours of operation during camp: 7:30 to 6.

NOTE: No breakfast club is offered during camps.  Please feed your child before arriving.

If your registration and fees are received BY Friday, Dec 7th, you can deduct 10% from your total camp fees.

Registration that is received AFTER Friday, Friday, Dec 21st will be accessed $5 per day, per child, (per day requested) as staffing is based on the registrations received.

Please see the rate sheet below for fees. (The fees are listed per week - not "TOTAL" number of days within the two weeks.) Your spot will not be reserved until we receive the payment and the on-line registration. If you have a credit card on file, your fees will be processed through your credit card. Just a reminder that Hideout has a NO-REFUND policy.  Thanks!  10% discount on siblings.

Please register one child at a time. You will have the opportunity to return to the form once you complete the registration for your first child and click “submit”.

NOTE: If you want your student to attend his/her regular schedule only (same days and hours your child is normally at Hideout) there is NO FEE, as that is already paid for with your December payment. The fees listed below are for the additional time your student needs care - when he/she would normally be in Springhill. )

Rates listed below are based on weekly attendance.  If you are attending 2 days per week, you need to use the rate for the number of days you use in each week. (i.e. - 3 days one week = $95, 2 days the following week  = $70. The total number of days is not combined between the two weeks. Thanks for understanding.)

Just a reminder that Hideout has a no refund policy.  Thanks for understanding.


Rates for Kinders on Contracted Days: (These rates are based on needing only 3 additional hours of care per day.)
  1 day
2 days  
3 days
 4 days
5 days
First Child
 $86.25 $97.50
Second Child (Sib Discount)
 $27.00 $47.25 $64.13$77.63

Rates for 1st through 5th graders on Contracted Days: (These rates are based on needing 6 additional hours of care per day.)
  1 day    
 2 days
 3 days
 4 days
 5 days
 First Child  $40.00 $70.00 $95.00 $115.00 $130.00
 Second Child (Sib Discount)  $36.00$63.00
 $85.50 $103.50 $117.00

Rates for Non-Contracted Days for Kinder through 5th grade & those enrolled on drop-in basis.
Hours1 day
2 days
3 days
4 days
 5 days
 4 hours (between 9 and 4)
 $34.00 $60.00 $85.00 $104.00$120.00
 7 hours (9 to 4)
 $59.50    $98.00     $136.50 $168.00$193.00
 10/10.5 hours
 $85.00 $130.00 $180.00 $220.00 $255.00

Please remember to hit "Submit" at the end of the form in order to have your registration recorded.

Winter Break 2018