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Spring Break 2019

Hideout Goes Hawaiian

Each day, we will offer fun activities that include art and crafts, science, games, etc.  Please see below:


Monday ~ Mad Scientist Monday (Science Stations)

Tuesday* ~ Tasty Tuesday

Wednesday ~ Wacky Slime Wednesday

Thursday ~  Crafty Thursday

Friday ~ Fun Friday (and water play - weather permitting)

* Tasty Tuesday Menu - Pulled Pork on Hawaiian rolls, baked beans, chips, fruit and tropical smoothie!! (No extra charge ~ this meal is prepared by the campers and is included in the cost of the camp.)

If you need to register another child, please select "Submit another response" once you reach the confirmation page.

Registration & fees are due by Friday, March 15th, in order to avoid the $5 late fee. (If you have a credit card on file, your fees will automatically be processed after you receive your invoice.) 

NOTE: If you want your student to attend during his/her regular schedule only (same days and hours your child normally attends Hideout) there is NO FEE, as that time is already paid for with your April fees. The fees listed below are for the additional time your student needs care - when he/she would normally be in Springhill.

If you need help to calculate your fees, please contact me at beth@kidshideout.net.  I will figure out your rate based on the registration you request in this form.

Please remember that Hideout has a NO-REFUND policy!


Rates for Kinders on Contracted Days: (These rates are based on needing only 3 additional hours of care per day.)
  1 day
2 days  
3 days
 4 days
5 days
First Child
 $86.25 $97.50
Second Child (Sib Discount)
 $27.00 $47.25 $64.13$77.63

Rates for 1st through 5th graders on Contracted Days: (These rates are based on needing 6 additional hours of care per day.)
  1 day    
 2 days
 3 days
 4 days
 5 days
 First Child  $40.00 $70.00 $95.00 $115.00 $130.00
 Second Child (Sib Discount)  $36.00$63.00
 $85.50 $103.50 $117.00

Rates for Non-Contracted Days for Kinder through 5th grade & those enrolled on drop-in basis.
Hours1 day
2 days
3 days
4 days
 5 days
 4 hours (between 9 and 4)
 $34.00 $60.00 $85.00 $104.00$120.00
 7 hours (9 to 4)
 $59.50    $98.00     $136.50 $168.00$200.00
 10/10.5 hours
 $85.00 $130.00 $180.00 $220.00$250.00

Hideout Goes Hawaiian - Spring Break Camp 2019