The fun way to add math to your language! 


    This is a game targeting children aged six and up, teaching them basic strategy and counting. There are two sets of animals that try to cross from a polluted meadow to a "clean green meadow." The first player to have their animals reach the new meadow gets to enjoy the fresh green grass first and wins the game. Each player rolls a die to determine how many steps their animals can take across the bridge. Read the Kids Crossing Story to find out how Billy the Goat, Betty the Goose, Bernie the Pig, and Sandy the Dog make it to the Clean Green Meadow.



[Billy, the baby goat stands in the polluted Meadow.] 


A quick Look at How to Play the Game 

    Select four color-coded animals and place them at the front of one of the stepping stones. The youngest player rolls two die to see how many spaces the player can move. Pieces can be moved in any combination that adds up to the number rolled. Trivia spaces move you backward for a wrong answer. Rule cards indicate an action that lasts until it is replaced by another rule card, and the player loses one space if they forget to perform it. For one animal to reach the end of the board, you must get a key card by answering a trivia card at the beginning and end of the bridge.


Get the Game & Start Playing!

Download the following four files to print out the board:


 To get the rule cards, click on the following three "Download Rules" links beneath the toads below to print out the pdfs:

         Download Rules 1       Download Rules 2        Download Rules 3


To get the Key cards, click on the following "Download Keys" link below the keys to print them out in pdf:

 Download Keys

To get the trivia cards, click on the final "Download Trivia" link below the picture of the dolphins:


Download Trivia

Get the your own set of animals from A.C. Moore.

Remember to follow the rules!


 [The animals have made it to the clean green meadow.]
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