Our sale would not be successful without our wonderful volunteer workers! 
We invite you to join them!!
Working the sale helps you meet new friends (moms and grandmoms just like you!), have a good time, eat well on Worker/Volunteer night , and, best of all, gives you the benefit of shopping the sale before consignors and the public.  Sound interesting?  Read on!

So what does working at Kids Carousel entail? 
Depending on the day you work, you could be checking items for acceptability for consignment, putting items out on the floor, going through the racks to organize and size, restoring items to their correct places, cleaning, running a computer for check-out, checking receipts at the door, consolidating items as space is opened, helping customers with questions, pulling tags...and the list goes on!  There is also the opportunity to distribute flyers to area churches and businesses.
Our volunteers have a ball working the sale and they return sale after sale!
We'd love to hear from you and see if we can fit you into our schedule. 
Our workers have their very own EXCLUSIVE night to shop...imagine having the entire store just to yourself and 50-75 other moms as compared to shopping with 500+ on consignor night or over 1,000 on opening day!   We can't do Kids Carousel without your help. 


Workers are required to work a minimum of 10 hours
You may schedule your 8 hours (or more) to suit your needs.
Everyone will work 2 hours during take down at the conclusion of the sale.  You can choose to work Saturday, March 9th, Sunday, March 10th, or Monday, March 11th.  Some workers work all 8 hours in one day while others do two 4-hour shifts.   These workers will be admitted to shop on Thursday before the sale begins.   For those who do not have much time but would like to shop early, we offer one shift of 4 hours (which must be worked during take down) and you would be allowed to shop at 7:30 on workers night.

For workers who go beyond the call of duty and work 12 hours (3 four-hour shifts)...the benefit is shopping at 1/2 price before the store officially goes 1/2 price. 

For seasoned volunteers, those who have worked 2 or more sales successfully and responsibly, we are offering another opportunity!!   Volunteers who work 16 hours (4 four-hour shifts) will be allowed to come in SUPER EARLY on our exclusive workers' day.  This gives these super volunteers a chance to shop super early - with a super-small crowd before the other volunteers come in. 

***Can't work the 10-hour requirement?  We do have a limited number of 4-hour shifts, to be worked during take down (this is at closing on the last day).  You will have the opportunity to shop at 7:30pm the Thursday before the sale begins.

Work a total of 16 hours *                    Shop Workers Night at 5:00 pm
                                                                and 1/2 Price afternoon before store goes 1/2
Work a total of 12 hours *                    Shop Workers night at 6:00 pm
                                                                 and 1/2 Price afternoon before store goes 1/2
Work a total of 8 hours   *                    Shop Workers night at 6:00 pm
Work a total of 4 hours(take-down)      Shop Workers night at 7:30 pm
(*In addition to the above.......two hours during take down.)

We also have opportunities for you to pass out flyers at area businesses; this will count as part of your hours.                                                                   
In order to maintain a high-quality, efficient sale, it is necessary that workers fulfill their obligation to work their shifts. In the event that a worker does not fulfill his or her obligation or find a suitable replacement, Kids Carousel will deduct 25% of that person's consignment earnings check.   

Of course to help our workers do their best for the sale, we ask that children be kept at home.  It's hard to be a good worker if your attention is diverted. 

For information, call Melissa 334-207-3021.

Please do not call before 8 a.m. or after 8 p.m., Thank you.