Hello Consignors!
We have set the dates for the upcoming Fall & Winter 2020 sale. The system is now open and you can begin entering your items for the sale. To better serve our customers we have changed the sizing categories. When tagging your items you will now specify if the item is Boys/Mens or Girls/Juniors/Ladies. This applies to Clothes as well as Shoes! We believe this will make it easier for our workers to sort and display your items and make it a MUCH better shopping experience. Because of this change IF you are printing new tags for reactivated items from previous sales you will HAVE to EDIT the sizes or they will be incorrect. You may reuse your old tags if you choose to do so just make sure the resort number is correct. You can find your resort number on your Consignor homepage. On the tag it is in the lower righthand corner.

Thank you.

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Accepting items - 
5905 Atlanta Hwy 
Old Hancock Fabrics location
Across from Frazer UMC behind Tenda Chick beside Mike's Merchandise
 All consignors will receive an extra pass to shop the 50% off sale a day early!  Wednesday, Consignors shop 6:00pm - 9:00pm

If you are a NEW CONSIGNOR, please click here
You will be assigned a number shortly.

If you are a RETURNING CONSIGNOR, please click here
If you have not registered online, you will be asked to create a user name and password which will be necessary as you enter your items into inventory and as you check your sales online.  Initially, your password will be the last 4 digits of the phone number we have on file for you or the 4 letters, NOWN (for "unknown").
***If you are unsure of your consignor number, please contact us at kidscmontgomery@gmail.com and we will email you your number.
Please make sure that you print tags for ALL items,
even those that you have consigned before. 

This will assist in take-down.

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The Carousel, Kids Carousel has the quickest and easiest bar coding system around.  
Log in to our system, type in all of your tagging information
and print your tags with the bar code right from your printer
and your done!  You can track your daily earnings during the sale
from our website!