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Blacksmithing for Kids

Blacksmithing is the art and science of forming steel while it is still hot.  In this full day workshop (9am-3pm, with a lunch break) at Adams Forge, kids and their parents will work together to make a super strong steel spoon that they can take home to keep.  Besides learning how to use the forge, anvil, and hammers, students will learn all about types of metals, forging, annealing and why it's important, and a little bit about temper (of the metal...not your little brother).  Volunteers from Adams Forge will teach this class, step by step.

Click here to register at Adams Forge.

Ages 11+ with parent.
Cost:  $20 per child

Date:  Sun. May 27, 2012
9am-3pm (including lunch break)

Bring a bag lunch and bottle of water.

Location:  Adams Forge
2640 N. San Fernando Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90065 (near Ribet Academy)

Questions you'll have answered in this workshop
Is it possible to bend steel with your hands (or tongs)?
Why is it that the same part made from the same steel can be brittle (break easily if dropped) sometimes but very elastic (survive strong loads) other times?
Can I really make something cool shaped starting from a bar of metal without cutting it with a saw or using heavy machinery?
What are anvils really for (besides resolving issues between roadrunners and coyotes in the cartoons)?

Why blacksmith?  While blacksmiths make many things by hand, there are many big things made by machines in the same exact way--including battle ship cannons.  The terminology and processes are the same, but it's just a lot bigger.  Even if you do small scale work like metalsmithing (including making jewelry from gold & silver), the terminology is the same.  You'll be something of a materials guru after this class.

This class is for kids ages 11+.  Kids under the age of 16 must attend with an adult.  All participants must be capable of maintaining attention for a full day class and responding appropriately to emergency procedures.

Important STUFF:
All participants must wear non-synthetic clothing--such ascotton, silk, linen, or wool.  No nylon, polyester, rayon, spandex, etc.  (Synthetic fabrics can spontaneously combust or fuse to your skin if very close to high heat.)
If you have all leather shoes or cotton (converse) shoes, please wear them.
Long hair must be tied back.
Bring a bottle of water to drink.  Blacksmithing is very hot and can make you dehydrated.
Bring your own ear muffs and loose fitting leather gardening gloves if you have them. 
Have FUN!!!