The following is a description of workshops and events we have run

Current Workshops

Taking Things Apart
Learn how every day appliances work and become more comfortable with tools through the disassembly of a small appliance.  Every workshop is different. Kids from ages 3 - 18 have taken apart everything from sanders to blenders, DVD players, phones and toys.

Intro to the Wood Turning--Make Your Own Pen
In this workshop, kids and their parents are taught how to use a small, tabletop wood lathe to turn down wood to create their own pen.  Students will learn how the lathe works and how to use it safely.   The pen is yours to keep.

Gears and Clocks
Gears are everywhere in the things we use.  Come play with different kinds of gears to experience how they work.  Then we'll build up a working clock from the individual gears. The clock is yours to keep.

Electronics As Art
In this 2-part workshop, students will learn the basics of electronic components while learning to solder their own LED glow bracelet and create Digital Dominoes that set off a chain reaction of blinking lights.

Past Workshops

Tool Petting Zoo
This workshop is often run at large events. Kids and their parents can learn how to use try out tools that they may not have seen or used before. Anything from hammering a nail, using a pipe cutter, riveting, and much more.

Drawing Your Inventions
Learn how engineers share their ideas through pictures, called drawings.  The participants learn how to represent a 3D object as 6 views on a drawing through a series of fun games with blocks.  Then the students will get to build and optimize a working rubber band car (to keep) using an assembly drawing.