Links for Kids

Here is our collection of the best videos and other educational sources relating to how things work.

    • - A magazine devoted to Do-it-yourself-ers. They often have good projects that parents and kids would enjoy doing together
    • -A magazine for kids who like to build electrical stuff.  Recommended by one of our volunteers whose kids love it.

    • - A good resource to give descriptions on topics like, how do speakers work; how do LED's work, radios, cars, you name it.

    • - Lego draw, an introduction to Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) for kids. Build your lego creations on the computer and try them out before you build.

    • - Another free source CAD program. Build anything you can imagine using computer drafting skills.

    • - A website where home DIY-ers can post instructions on how to create their favorite projects.

The Differential Gear Explained

A Wind up Watch with lots of gears