Kids Bicycle Grips

    bicycle grips
  • Attachments at the end of the handlebars that provide more comfort and better grip of the handlebars.
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kids bicycle grips
kids bicycle grips - Lucky Bums
Lucky Bums Grip N Guide Kid's Ski Training Harness
Lucky Bums Grip N Guide Kid's Ski Training Harness
The Grip N Guide Harness is the perfect product to teach kids balance as they venture out for their first time skiing, snowboarding, biking and rollerblading. The integrated smooth safety handle enables easy one handed lifting and quick correction for maximum safety when the kids get a little wobbly. The quick release buckles enable easy on/off and the adjustable straps ensure a versatile and safe fit. The strong webbing and buckles ensure durability. The Grip N Guide Harness offers that added layer of safety around the chair lift for easier loading, riding, and unloading. It's also the balance booster for bike training and the float aid for beginner swimmers.

Rodney's BMX Bike Shop 1980's Birmingham - Center Point, Alabama
Rodney's BMX Bike Shop 1980's Birmingham - Center Point, Alabama
This was my first shop that was located in Center Point, an area outside of Birmingham, Alabama. When I attended Alabama School of Arts and Crafts, I soon started working for Alabama Cycles. Year or so later I opened my own shop, and about a year later we moved to a larger shop. My father would run the shop while I was at school, and I would come in on the afternoons work and then the weekends. My father and I had a great system as we built our own wheel sets. He laced them and I trued them when I got in from school. We had a great time as I got to see my father every day, as he use to drive a truck and would be gone two weeks at a time running long haul across country, What was cool about the shop is that we had the race connection with the kids and at the tracks. We had kids driving past three major bike shops to come shop with us. We had a team of about 13 riders and we got to race the 1982 Worlds Fair race up in Tennessee. It was a lot of fun. The local tracks we raced the most at, where Oak Mountain BMX Park and Cascade BMX Park. Because I was the Stu Thompson REDLINE FAN, I specialized in Redline. But my younger brother road GT's and later a Thruster Tri-Frame. I also sold Vans shoes, plus was one of the first to sell Oakley Frogskin sunglasses along with the already popular grips. Closed it only due to the fact I was going to college.
Get a grip, kid!
Get a grip, kid!
near field focus experiment. but I do love that Specialized Hard Rock bike. [Update: this bike was stolen from me in August of 2007. RIP, Hard Rock.]
kids bicycle grips
Avenir Comfy Soft Grips (Black/Grey, 137mm)
Avenir comfy soft grips ergonomic super-soft foam. Firm inner core with cushioned outer Krayton surface. 137-Millimeter length.

Minimize fatigue in your hands, wrists, and elbows on long rides with these comfortable, soft-grip handlebar grips from bicycle accessory maker Avenir. Soft foam, a firm inner core, cushioned Krayton outer surface, and ergonomic shaping combine to optimize comfort and absorb shock. Each grip is 138 millimeters long.
About Avenir
Avenir by Raleigh is the premier bicycle accessory line from renowned cycling company Raleigh Bicycles. Raleigh -- a company whose history started in 1887, in Raleigh Street, Nottingham, in the United Kingdom -- is one of the oldest bicycle companies in the world.