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This website is designed to help you find events and fun activities in around Marietta, Georgia. Although the primary focus will be Cobb County and the immediate surrounding areas, there will be events and deals from all over the Metro Atlanta area. 

 I don't post as many events during the school year but if you are a homeschooler, check out my Homeschool Days!  for fun things to do with with your homeschool students during the school year. 

Special section just for homeschool eventsclasses, organizations, clubs, conferences and more!
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Kids Around Cobb Homeschool Day Calendar 
**I am still waiting for a lot of updates to website. Come back mid-late August for more homeschool days!
** If you would like me to share the Google Calendar with you so that you can add it to your own Google calendar, please send me an email with your email address at kidsaroundcobbcounty@gmail.com.  I will try to get to the requests as soon as I can!