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Sandbar journal

Title: Sandbar Journal and pictures


During the Sandbar School each group will be assigned to document one of the learning sessions. Students will be assigned the positions of questioners, documentary recorders and visual recorder.  A digital camera will be used to visually document the curricula taught and journaling pad will be given to the recorders.   Each student will have a designated assignment.  The goal is to create a Journal including pictures that will be posted on the Kids for the Kaw website.

Grades 4
To record the session visually and with notes in order to produce a Journal that will be put on the Web site. 

Digital Cameras (3) 

Writing material for each student.


During the instructional session the Instructor will Have handouts prepared for the students.

Students will document the session that they are assigned to.

As a follow up, students will be able to use the online digital photos and the notes that were recorded to create a Journal of their designated sessions. 

Kansas Language Arts Standard 2: Learners write effectively for a variety of audiences, purposes, and contexts.


Benchmark 1: A proficient writer uses ideas that are well developed, clear and interesting. (Six Trait Writing Model - Ideas & Content)
The students:

1. select a topic from a generated list of ideas.

2. maintain focused writing throughout the text.


Benchmark 6: The proficient writer uses standard American English conventions.
(Six Trait Writing Model - Conventions)
The students:

1. use accurate punctuation including end marks and commas.

2. use accurate capitalization and correct spelling.

3. write complete sentences.

4. use appropriate paragraphing.


Benchmark 8: The proficient writer uses writing as a tool for learning throughout the curriculum.

 The students:

1. write notes, outlines, lab reports, journal entries, and research reports while studying in content areas.


Benchmark 9: The proficient writer uses a variety of modes of writing for different purposes and audiences.The students:

1. write descriptive pieces, which may include poetry, ballad, and journal entry.

2. write narrative pieces, which may include creative story, personal narrative, and folklore (such as fairy tale and tall tale).

3. write expository pieces, which may include written directions, book and research report.

4. write for the purpose of narrating.

Students will develop an on line journal of the Sandbar School


Resources:  Handouts, Pictures, Notes