Sandbar School Pre & Post Test

(you can download this by going to "attachments" at the bottom of the page)

1. When you are exploring a creek, stream, river or sandbar it is OK to:

        a.    Go by yourself

        b.    Go with your friends

        c.    Always go with an adult

2. When you are exploring a bank or sandbar of a river you should wear:

        a.    Wear waterproof boots

        b.    Wear a hat

        c.    Always wear a PFD

        d.    All of the above

3. What is a PFD?

        a.    Personal Floatation Device

        b.    Popular Fun Doormat

        c.    Pretty Fancy Dress

4. What is the source of the water that comes to your school and home?

        a.    The Ocean

        b.    The Kansas (Kaw) River

        c.    Clinton Lake

        d.    Wells

5. What should you do with trash when you are outdoors (riding your bike, on a sandbar)?

        a.    Throw it anywhere

        b.    Throw it in a trash can

        c.    Bury it

        d.    Take it home and recycle or put in the trash

6. What happens to trash or litter that is thrown outdoors when it rains?

        a.    Rain water takes litter down the storm sewers and in to the creeks, streams and rivers

        b.    Someone else picks it up and puts it in a trash can

        c.    Both  a and b

Laura Calwell,
Apr 5, 2009, 1:12 PM