Paddle Down the Kaw Supplemental Materials

Our Middle School curriculum, Teens 4 the Kaw, has a more advanced lesson that uses Google Earth to create an adventure on the Kansas River Click Here

The Friends of the Kaw has posted a blog that was written by Laura, RJ, and Cynthia during their kayak trip

You can download a Google Earth map file from the attachment section at the bottom of this page. When you open it in Google Earth you will find a map with markers at the major locations from the Powerpoint, along with slides and additional information in the map balloons.

We have created a simple map with the approximate locations of the Kansas, Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers highlighted in different colors. It is posted on this Teacher's Corner as a subpage (click here). The link to the Google map is:,-86.660156&spn=42.960253,92.724609&t=h&z=4

These are some of the online resources that we have found to supplement the book "Paddle to the Sea"

The Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence

Paddle-to-the-Sea with Google Earth! 

This webpage has many suggestions and good resources, and it gives the link to a Google Earth map that is really great. In the Google Earth map COSEE has plotted the journey of Paddle's canoe through the Great Lakes and across the ocean. You will need to download the Google Earth plug-in (its free) to view the map. Here is an image from the Google Earth map (you will need to go to the COSEE page and use Google Earth to make it interactive):

The kmz file that they created is attached to the bottom of this page and was used to make the two maps that are displayed on this page click here

There are three YouTube videos (Parts 1,2,and 3) of the movie  Paddle to the Sea produced by the National Film Board of Canada in 1966.

Paddle-to-the-Sea is a 1941 children's book, written and illustrated by American author and artist Holling C. Holling.

The Homeschool Helper website has posted a curriculum for Paddle to the sea 

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