The most innocent of pirates

The quest for Capt. Kidd's lost treasure ship.

We have just added photos taken at the wreck site of the Quedah Merchant. Many thanks to Clarita Berger and Nick Caloyianis.
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All content copyright 2008, 2009 by Dan Hamilton & Chris Macort. All rights reserved.

Photos by Clarita Berger and Nick Caloyianis are copyrighted 2008-2009 by Nick Caloyianis Productions and used by express permission.


Images from the expedition


Nick Caloyianis filming the main collection of cannons and anchors.

Photo by Clarita Berger

Chris Macort recording cannon length, size and orientation.

Photo by Nick Caloyianis




Chris Macort pointing out direction of anchor shank.

Photo by Nick Caloyianis




The main ballast pile, containing nine visible cannons and three anchors, or pieces of anchors.

Photo by Nick Caloyianis  



 Underwater sketch of a cannon pile.

Photo by Dan Hamilton


Anchored near the wreck.

  Photo by Dan Hamilton


Francis Soto (left), and Chris at the cannon preservation tanks in Santo Domingo.

  Photo by Dan Hamilton



 The Quedah Merchant in the river.

  Illustration by Chris Macort