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Kid City High School Graduates 

A year ago, Kwesi Essilfie, an original founding member of our program, was the first to graduate and go off to college. Just one year later, and four more long-time Kid City participants are also heading to college. Read about these inspiring teens here, and consider donating to our scholarship fund, which supports these students and the many to follow them soon.

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My name is Benjamin Garcia. 
I graduated from Orthopedic Hospital Medical Magnet High School and I will be attending Cal State Northridge. My interests in life have always been to stand up for the little guy. In our world today there are many individuals that are pushed aside and forgotten by society. I feel they should have a voice. In college, I plan to pursue a law degree and hope to one day represent those who could normally not bring an injustice to light on their own. I am also learning to play the acoustic guitar.

My name is Natividad Rico. 
I graduated from Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Magnet High School. I will be attending the University of California, Irvine in the fall. I plan to major in Cognitive Psychology. I am interested in becoming a Speech Pathologist. Despite having a disability, and my family being low-income, I strive to succeed as the first in my family to go to college.

Buenos dias, my name is Yanet Gutierrez.
I am a Latin-American born into a low income, hard-working family. I will be an incoming freshman at California State University Northridge, where I will be majoring in communications and business management. I feel blessed and grateful to go to a university because it allows me to reach my goal – to evolve my family's business from a small merchant stand to our very own family clothing store. By heading to a university, I'll be able to make my dream (and my family's) come true by not only learning how to expand our current economic position but also by receiving an education not available in my community. Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope to see you at our festival fundraiser.

My name is Derrick (Kofi) Essilfie. 
I am a high school graduate of Central Los Angeles High School #9 – the Ramon C. Cortines Visual and Performing Arts School. I enjoy playing the electric guitar and I am part of the Kid City Jazz Band. I will attend University of California Irvine in the fall and major in Computer Science. I have a grand fascination with technology, specifically how hardware and software work hand in hand with each other. I've taken the initiative to begin learning programming, 3D game design, and computer building over my high school years. I'm ready to learn and I am willing to take my knowledge to the next level, application.

Hi I am Kwesi Essilfie. 
I am an alumnus of Kid City South Park and 2nd year student at Cal State, Northridge. At Cal State Northridge I am majoring in Health Administration and I hope to one day change health care in the U.S.A. I decided to major in the field of health because growing up in a poor community I could see how not having health care can affect a community as a whole. I live with my mom, two brothers and my sister in downtown Los Angeles.