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June 2014

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Pension Real Estate Association Scholarship - June 1st

The Pension Real Estate Association awards scholarships on an annual basis to promising students studying real estate at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Scholarships are offered each year for full-time study in real estate. Applicants to the PREA Scholarship Program must be college sophomores, juniors or seniors and graduate level students who are already enrolled or planning to enroll in full-time undergraduate or graduate study at an accredited four-year school; applicants must also be majoring or concentrating in real estate. Scholarships range from $500-$5,000. Deadline is June 1.

California Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation- June 20th

The California Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation (CBCCF) Youth Scholarship seeks to encourage, support and assist young entrepreneurs and students in scholastic achievement, community service and empowerment in the areas of business development and technology.

February 2014

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AABE Scholarship - Due Feb. 21st (FOR CERTAIN MAJORS)
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Que llueva cafe- Due Feb. 22nd

Buick Scholarship - Due Feb. 28th (FOR ENGINEERING STUDENTS)

March 2014

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April 2014

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Taste of the soul LA - Due April 8th

Maria Cecila - Due April 11th
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Community college and 4yr students
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Diamond Wipes Scholarship - Due April 30th (FOR CERTAIN CSUs ONLY)

LA Federal Credit Union - Due April 30th

META Scholarship - Due April 30th
for students enrolling in CC or 4yr students
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May 2014

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Friends of Project 10 - May 10th

Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA) Los Angeles - May 23rd

The HPRA Scholarship Program was created to assist students of Hispanic descent in California achieve their educational goals. The HPRA Scholarship Program recognizes outstanding undergraduate academic achievement and community service among students who are pursuing a career in public relations and related communications fields. Each year, the program awards five scholarships, each in the amount of $2,000*. Each recipient is then automatically considered for the Esther Renteria Community Service Scholarship based on contributions to the community.


Eligibility requirements and the application can be found on our website at 
If students have questions, they can e-mail or contact me directly:

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