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College prep and visits over the summer has evolved to college applications in the fall. Kid City offers support to high school juniors and seniors. For seniors: help with choosing a major and colleges to apply to, applications, personal statements, financial aid, and scholarships. For juniors: fulfilling graduation requirements, maintaining your goal GPA, studying for the SAT.

Kid City has visited UCLA, USC, Santa Monica College, CSLA, Pasadena Community College, Azusa Pacific, Loyola Marymount, Pomona, Occidental, and CSUN. Student volunteers from USC's Alpha Phi Omega fraternity visit Kid City regularly to help with college applications and personal statements. Kid City also has mentors available to help high school seniors throughout the application and admissions process - from October to June. Send an email to, or just stop in to visit on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon after school, if you are interested in joining the program.

In the meantime, surf these sites - they're all good - and you'll see that preparing to go to college can be interesting, fun, and easy. It's exciting to think about your future!
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a. California Colleges -- everything you need to know, and more Wow. Are we lucky or what -- California has an amazing and outstanding world class network of public and private schools of higher education. This website is a great central location where you can find information about all of them, tools for choosing a college, information on admissions, etc. It's a very good place to begin, and not just for high school seniors! 
b. Know How 2 Go California This website provides excellent general information for mentees AND mentors to help navigate the year of college admissions. Yes, it takes a year. Look at this website early on in the process. 
c. Dept. of Labor Statistics Explore career options through the federal Dept. of Labor Statistics website. Lots of great information here, including the pathways to different careers, average salaries, required course of study, etc. 
d. Mapping your future This site, like the BLS website, has detailed information about career choices, salaries, etc. But it also has some tools to help people match their interests and skills with possible careers. This is a great way to explore options that you may not know exist! 
e. California State University Admissions All students should apply to CSU. Open a CSU mentor account early in October. The application isn't hard, but you have to make decisions about which colleges you are applying to, majors, etc. Fill out the easy stuff first, then save your app, research the answers to your questions carefully, and come back to it later to finish it up. 
f. UC Admissions - all campuses This is the place to start on the UC application -- one online application for all the UCs. Just like with CSU, open an account early, and start filling out the forms with what you know. You can update and add to it later. 
g. UCLA admissions  Essential reading for those hoping to apply to one of our favorite universities. 
h. Common App Many private schools require the Common Application. Check the admissions page of the school you are applying to. If they say they use the common app, start here. 
i. Personal Statement: A how-to Download this simple instruction from UCSB and follow the directions to start your personal statement. 
j. Personal statement: More tips Stuck on how to begin a personal statement? Want to know more about how to approach it? This page on the very excellent website,, has lots of good advice. 
k. FAFSA  Financial aid starts here. Beginning in January, open an account and complete the application early. Time does matter when getting your financial aid awards. FAFSA  
l. FastWeb Scholarship info (recommended by mentor Jane). This is a searchable database, and can lead you to lots of scholarship opportunities. 
m. How to Study: A Brief Guide.  Improving your study skills won't only help you prepare for college, it will help you graduate from college. Reduce stress, and learn how to study smartly! 
n. Tips for reading in the sciences Information good at any level. STEM careers (in science, technology, engineering, and math) offer some of the most secure jobs and best salaries. If you have a natural gift for math and science, nurture it! 
o. New York Times Cool articles on college education (also from Jane). Start reading like a scholar and learn more about higher ed through the best newspaper in the country. 
p. Campaign for College Opportunity: Stay informed about the latest policy and funding shifts in California Higher Ed. Things are changing fast, and these people are working hard to preserve a great public education system in California. 
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