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College Readiness for high school juniors!

posted Apr 21, 2016, 3:08 PM by Alma Catalan

In the spring of 2016, Kid City began a new college readiness class for high school juniors. This class was made possible through Kid City’s partnership with Azusa Pacific University’s Los Angeles Term Program that offers internships to university students for a total of ten weeks. Kristina Skotte, currently attending the Los Angeles Term Program, was placed as an intern for Kid City. The goal of the new junior class is to successfully prepare students for the college application process that they will soon be embarking on during their senior year. The class is comprised of twenty-three students attending both the Orthopaedic Medical Magnet School (ORTHO) and the Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA). We hope the students will walk away from the class with confidence and motivation for their future endeavors.

Each Thursday, the junior class meets for two hours every Thursday for a total of six weeks. With the assistance of USC’s Alpha Pi Omega members, the students have studied and learned about important topics including: college options and personal choice, building a college resume, the college application process, turning hobbies into academic interest, personal statements, editing and revising personal statements, filling out the FAFSA, financial aid, career and major exploration, and much more. Additionally, the students have had the opportunity to attend a college visit at CSU Fullerton and it will culminate with a trip to the NACAC College Fair in Pasadena.

As an instructor. it has been a great privilege to teach this course and to walk alongside them in their college journey.These students have been truly extraordinary and inspiring. They come engaged, energetic, and ready to learn for each class session.  So far, the outcomes and the feedback given have been nothing but positive. In a recent survey given, students remarked on the material of the class. When asked if students would recommend this class to other junior students, every single student responded yes. When asked to rate on a scale from 1-5 how useful the information provided has been, every single student put either 4-5. Other comments from students have been:

“This class has helped me and motivated me to apply to rigorous colleges.”

“This class is awesome. Kristina helps a lot! Thank you Kristina for giving your time to high schoolers, we really appreciate you being with us and helping us get a step closer to being prepared for college.”

“I think the best thing has been being able to talk to others about what college is like and having students share their experiences.”

“I would personally recommend this class to other junior students because it opens up more opportunities for them educationally and it something that can stick with you for your whole life.”

It has been an absolute honor to get to know these students through Kid City, my only regret is that we do not have more time! However, I know that these students will continue to come to Kid City, seek help when they need it, stay engaged at school, and be admitted to some amazing universities. I look forward to seeing the outcomes of their hard work and perseverance.