Support our program!

At Kid City, we know how to stretch a dollar. We shop at the 99 cent store, get our furniture (nice stuff, too!) from Craigslist, and take out our own trash. We welcome large and small contributions alike!

Volunteer with Kid City!
We need and welcome all kinds of volunteers at Kid City: those who can appreciate a good laugh, who know their way around an algebra textbook, who enjoy reading with bright-eyed elementary school students, and who want to share a skill or talent (knitting, cooking, dancing, etc.) with a whole bunch of great kids. Tutors, artists, musicians, wrestlers - please contact Anne at Kid City if you would like to be part of our program.

Our sponsor, the Urban Foundation, has set up a page for donations to Kid City. Just click on the link above, and specify that your contribution should come to Kid City. Since the Urban Foundation manages all our finances, recruits donors, and is our primary funding source, you can be sure your donation will be noted and accounted for with all due professional process. 

Useful stuff that would make our kids really happy!:
Cash isn't the only thing Kid City needs. Here's a list of useful items that you might just want us to take off your hands. We don't mind used stuff; we can shine it up and make it pretty. Call for a pick up - we've got a church van that can fit anything!

Music and instruments! Ben and David (music staff) are slowly building a jazz orchestra. We've got lots of kids just itching to get their hands on saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and drumkits. We could also use an acoustic bass, another keyboard, and almost any other instrument. Please, if you have anything you can donate, consider the Baked Potatoes!

For our study room:
  • good books for all ages! We keep them circulating
  • working laptops desperately needed for kids applying to college -- both to use on site to fill out their applications, and to take home for homework, etc.
  • wireless laser printer 
  • word games and board games that build vocabulary and literacy
  • mac mini or mac desktop (we've got the monitor) for creating films and music
  • handheld microcassette recorders for oral history projects

For our media room:
  • Animation computer 
  •     sprite editor
  •     flash
  •     photoshop
  •     tablet
  • Music editing, music composition software, mic cables, etc.

For our cooking projects:
  • large crock pot
  • hot plates
  • cooking utensils, sealed containers, bowls & measuring cups

And, in general, we would love to have:
  • large screen TV with digital input and/or DVD player
  • black leather couches (we could use two more!)
  • fluffy, colorful rug for our "living room" space upstairs
  • mid-size magnetic white board
  • art supplies and materials (paper, leftover colorful paints, just about anything!)
  • snacks! We like healthy snacks - fruit, peanut butter, carrots, (and the occasional sweet)!
  • a maintenance man/woman to help us with small jobs, hang white boards, etc.