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We are quickly approaching 60K downloads of the map.  Phew! I have set up list of Playthroughs and links to the download sites on a page in this site.


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Recent News and Announcements:


The new Space Purge custom map has been released.  Visit the Planet Minecraft page for information and download.


Wow!  Over 600 likes and over 8,000 views for the Paul Soares Jr Tribute "Spy Chickens". That is so amazing and appreciated.

We certainly are enjoying getting to know some of the wonderful Soarvivors that Paul has sent our way.


A heartbreaking end to our Hardcore Museum series, a triumphant end to our Forgotten Christmas series.  Stay tuned for more adventures to come!


Adventure starts on Christmas Eve.

Episode #5 of Father and Son adventures with Jeremiah is out.

Go check out Episode 04 of Dad's Journey CMOA.  We finally found a place to establish our base.  Where we go from here depends on you!

Just added MadMommy to our YouTube Family Gamers page.

Check out the latest version of Fun and Games and Dad's Adventure: