Tournament Rules

Rules comply with the Scarborough Indoor Soccer League.
RULE #1: Registration

ALL teams MUST be registered with an affiliated club, players must be registered with their District Association as an indoor player for 2017-2018, and will be required to show their OSA Player Registration Books OR proof of registration on tournament day.  Contact Tournament Organizer for information on how to ensure you are registered or to be registered with the Scarborough District.

RULE #2: Permission to Travel

Each team from outside the Scarborough Region OR outside of the SCARBOROUGH INDOOR SOCCER LEAGUE, must obtain Permission to Travel from its District Association prior to entry deadline and submit it with their registration form in order to be considered registered. Failure to present a Travel Permit will result in forfeiture of all scheduled games without refund.

RULE #3: Number of Players

5 players and a goalie on the field. 6 v 6.  Roster: You may only have a maximum of 16 players on your roster. 

RULE #4: Game Duration

All games are 25 minutes in duration. There is no half-time and no stoppage of play. In the event of a serious injury, the score which is recorded at the time of the injury will stand and the game will be finished unless adequate time remains.


The three line violation will be called by the referee. If a player passes the ball across three lines in the air towards the opponent’s goal without touching another player or the referee, the referee will stop the play.


If the ball makes contact with the ceiling or an object on the ceiling during play, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the team that did not have possession of the ball when it was kicked.


Substitution of players with the exception of the goalkeeper may be made at any time during the game provided the substitute does not enter the field of play until the player being replaced is within 1 metre of the bench area. The substitution of the goalkeeper must be done during a stoppage in play.


If any team pulls it’s goalkeeper, the player coming on must wear a jersey of a different colour from both teams to distinguish herself.

RULE # 9

All free kicks are indirect.

RULE #10

RULE #11
If a team has been disqualified or failed to appear for a game, all games will be null and void and the opposing team will receive a 2-0 win in the event of a forfeit.

RULE # 12
If a player receives a red card or dismissal in a game she will be disciplined in accordance with the O.S.A. Policies and Procedures.

RULE #13
If knock out games are tied at the end of regulation time the game will go directly to Kicks from the Penalty Mark. (5 Kicks will be taken. More kicks may be necessary if there is a tie)

RULE #14
Tie Breaker in Group Play is determined by:

1) Head to Head

2) Goal Differential

3) Most Goals

4) Kicks from Penalty Mark (5 kicks, more if needed in case of tie)

RULE #15
Any team wishing to protest a game must do so in writing no later than 15 minutes after the game. This letter must be accompanied with $100.00 cash. If the protest is upheld the 100.00 will be returned.

RULE #16
For any issues not covered in the above, a decision will be made by the Tournament convener. All decisions will be final.

Indoor Shoes must be worn on the Scarborough Soccer Centre Field Turf.