10th Anniversary Event

It was proposed that members of Kibworth & District U3A attend a celebratory lunch at Hothorpe Hall on Thursday 20th October.
The list of people who actually attended is below:- 

Ann Hollingsworth, Ann Robinson, Anna McConachie, Anne Holtum, Anne Roberts, Avril Thorpe

Barbara Hooley, Barbara Pickering, Betty Elloy, Bob Higgins, Brian Moody, Bruce Dargie

Carol Townend, Celia Lever Jones, Celia Pemberton, Christine Lea, Christine Spinks, Cliff Hollingsworth, Clive Huntley, Clive Roper

David Holmes, David Holtum, David Porter

Edith and Derek Lenton, Eliz Robinson

Gail Goldie, Gail Holland, Gerry Elloy, Gerry Holman, Gill Holyoake, Gill Newnham, Gillian Lonergan

Hazel Baxter, Hazel Taylor, Helen Ingall

Ian Hearn, Irene Leak

Jan Comber, Janet Williams, Joan Fillingham,  John Hooley, John Lea, John Thorpe, Josie Wood, Joy Bell, Joyce Huntley, Joyce Taylor, Judith Greening, Judith Smith, June Davies

Keith Holyoake

Lesley Oldershaw, Linda Chambers, Louise Roper

Malcolm Lever Jones, Margaret Wattam, Martin Crofts, Mary Franks, Monica Griffiths

Nan Whiteway, Nicola Porter, Noeleen McCluskey, Norah Holman

Pam Moody, Pam O’Sullivan, Pat Bleby, Pat Thomas, Phill Egan, Phil Roberts

Roger Whiteway, Ron Spinks, Ron Wood, Rosalind Holmes, Roslyn Ousey

Stephen Poyzer, Stuart Smith, Su Coward, Sue Dargie, Sue Goodman, Susan Stewart

Ted and Doreen Masters, 

Val Crofts, Val Cunnington, Val Ruddock

Wendy Davies, Wendy Higgins.

Stephen Poyzer organised for a toast to be given here

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