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Lesson & Rubber Bridge Hand Generator FAQ
(Disclaimer: All hands have been played by TCG over the last five years)

Idea: The CommonGame is alpha testing a new service that would allow Teachers or Clubs running 0-20 Supervised Play games to use a set of special hands that focus on bridge topics of your choice .  We can also generate sets of hands with genres such as “Easy Bidding/Playing Hands” .  These would allow the players to practice lessons being taught without the work of setting these up yourself.  The neat part is they come complete with “Expert" analysis on almost every hand (Disclaimer: these hands have been played sometime in the last 5 years in TheCommonGame.com ) .

If you are interested, please respond and we will send you two examples of sets of hands.  These include pbn files for duplicating machines, Teacher control sheets, and Direction sheets for groups without dealing machines.  

QAs a director, how do I run two events one with CommonGame hands and one with Lesson hands? 
A: This requires an additional folder in your Club dropbox called SectionRHands(see sara@thecommongame.com for help).  The "Lesson" event must be setup as Section "R" in ACBLScore.  The Lesson .pbn and .html files must be copied to the SectionRHands Folder and renamed to the date and event syntax similar to the BWS files ( e.g. 180605E.pbn and 180605E.html) .   When TCG receives the Section R event is looks for the special pbn and html used in this new folder.

QHow to conduct SWISS teams at tournaments with no duplicate boards, no caddies.
A: At the start of each round, the captain picks up 4 envelopes labeled N, S, E, W and gives to the appropriate player.  Each player has a deck of cards, s/he makes up hand 1 plays it. The hand is played and scored on bridge mates. On to hand 2, etc. A big bonus: Everyone plays the same hands, they can also see the full recap sheet later, and most importantly, hands are played in the same order. 
You can also play regular duplicate games and everyone will play the boards in the same order. Each player gets a copy of hands and a deck of cards (bring your own).  This will eliminate western union..Overheard discussion such as 6D is cold". 

Q: What is best way to manage cards with one deck?
A: Audrey Grant "Cards on Table Method"  Click Here