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Korea                                                         27.5.2006 

i am going to korea!

10.30pm reach airport

1.00am flight to korea

7.30am[singapore time],8.30am[korea time] reach korea




i'll miss many people!

Update                                                       23.5.2006 

ahh.... i need to update... today was mad.

We have a baby mynah in class and we don't know what to do with it or even if it's alive at this moment or not. we gave it bread [it was supposedto be hotdog bun but evil ronghui at the hotdog.], but i don't think it's eating...T-T if it dies, i'll cry, real bad. But at least we had alot of dumb bird jokes today.

anyway, we had this freaking bazzare, and i freakingly spent a goddammit $7 or $8 just to give people face. My group made around $6 in profit. Miserable... HA!

Went home with Sinhui, Zhen Zhou, Ziyu and JingJie. den we played those frustrating games. like... 

How many meh meh jump over the wall?

If i were to be  [a place name] and i jump over to [another place name] where would i be now?

bang bang bang, who die?

if there was a bird on the sky, and it fell down, it the bird red green or blue?

sorry... i have to stop here, there is news that ismos [the name of the bird], might have....... *breaks down and cries*

i'll continue another day... sorry.

Siao day                                                   17.5.2006

ooo! yay! it's another.... boring day....
things we did today
1. Poke poke poke fun about teachers during recess... *looks around for spys*
2. Laugh the hell out during lang arts... [we all know why don't we?]
3. Know lots of results... compare here and there
4. Wished Raffles Faquar wasn't here
5. Study like mad for malay during comp
6. Found out that padamkan papantulis never come... -.-
7. When padamkan papantulis never come, we kill weevils form the geog rice project by crushing or drowning.
8. See sinhui do geog... =D

things I did today
1. POKE POKE POKE fun at teachers today
2. Tried to find the teacher during lang arts... XP
3. Compare results with everyone
5. helped marcus, zhenzhou to do comp... it was supposed to be a test... -.-
6. KILLED THE WEEVILS! it was my idea to drown them. I HAD TO. If you let them go, they reproduce, then one day they will come back and drown us.
7. Laughed like hell during geog cos i was playing a game about weevils with siya.

Holiday                                                      16.5.2006 

Went to yuehuans house to do geog project today... let me tell you EVERYTHING that happened... =D

first, me and other road dodos met yuehuan at the payar lebar MRT. I reached there first. at 9.50am. i am almost never late for anything.SO i listen to BoA while waiting. THEN! came ziyu! omg... damn funnay. He was wearing green shirt and walking down the stairs. Imagine... no one at the staircase or escalator. Then this guy, wearing bright green shirt appears out of nowhere and saunters down the staircase. Like he's gonna sing a song once he reach the floor or something. One he reach me, he flashes his holy bible.

" TAADAA! see? this is HOLY BIBLE! the BEST selling book in the WHOLE world!"

i couldn't resist but laugh at his green shirt. That day i saw him in TM with a purple shirt. I never stop laughing at ALL his shirts since then. lol. paiseh... but i just cant stand it.

Simin came second. In sexy shorts. As usual. But she looks so innocent... >_< Yue Huan arrived after walking from her house. IN PINK. Gloria my dear qie came last. And she looks hot today. No i'm not les.=)

yuehuan said this before we started off.
OH! i need to get water
us : why?
I don't have enough water at home for all.
me : lets drink tap water! like the camp!
ok... not funny... but you can see i'm heavily traumatised by the camp.

anyway, as we walked to yuehuans house and i was hyper. as in REAL HYPER. me and gloria heard the mastercard advertisement near the singapore post.

"OMG! kiayiiii! listen"
"0.o what? OMG! yay"
together: my brother's going on a journey. I want to wish his good luck
               but thats enough only for one bird

Laughed like hell. then we walk walk walk. Then i scream in happiness when i saw cat footprints. Ziyu marvelled at my siaoness. I need to cool down someday. But not now. =) then we walk walk walk again. And i started on the different colours we wore today. Simin yellow, gloria white, yuehuan pink, ziyu GREEN [WAHAHAHAHA] and me black. Then we saunter saunter, jalan jalan, and reach seven eleven. Then we started choosing instant noodles. and i started throwing 1.5 litre coke bottles around with ziyu.

Then ziyu chose mushroom chicken. AND THE WRAPPER IS GREEN. so i was marvelling at the colour while ziyu felt like killing me.

/edit at 10.02pm

we were walking past the "buget" dress shop when i saw a purple shirt. STRIKING PURPLE. and i pointed to it....

"ZIYU! it's YOURS!"
"huh? why?"
"cos it's purple!"

/end edit

Then walk walk walk... irritate irritate irritate... suddenly...


yes... i went mad again... WAHAHAHA! i want KFC...

Then we finally reach yuehuans house. Then they comment on my slippers. And it was work. Yuehuan keep throwing this softtoy that laughs when you throw it on the floor or the wall... then she started laughing with it.

yh "My sister is scared of softtoy."
me "because you keep laughing with your softtoy... thats why"

Yuehuan has this softtoy of the china olympics 2008. and it was so damn hard. So... i concluded it is a... CHINA PRODUCT! and ziyu started getting protective. XP

Then we did work. [while i ate the food i brought] And pamela came. with chicken. yes... chicken for us to eat.

we were all crammed in the kitchen making food. [maybe just boiling water thats all]

yh : OOO!!! whose mushroom chicken is this?
ky : it's green
yh : ya... but whos?
ky : holy bible person
*crashing sound from outside*

and we ate.

our many conversations, shows how much i crapped.

gloria : yuehuan, your house very quiet
yuehuan : ya... maybe cos there is little cars now
simin : so what you usually do at home?
kiayi : laugh with her softtoys.
all : -.-lll

pamela : Ziyu, why you eat like that?
[ziyu was holding on to the fork and spoon erm... like how you hold a knife when not in use, and staring down angrily with his food]
kiayi : cos he is CHINA PRODUCT! =D

me, gloria, pamela and simin were using chopsticks.
ziyu : wahh... all so chuan tong? [traditional]
gloria : wo men shi hua ren [we are chinese]
simin : then why is ziyu not using chopstick?
ziyu : cos i cannt hold proper way. when i hold one finger will stick out. [uses hand language expressively]
kiayi : I KNOW! cos you are pirated brand CHINA PRODUCT! =D

alot happened after... but i'm lazy to say... cos these are the highlights... =D

sch tmr... sian... *hurries to pack chinese file*


Saturday                                              13.5.2006 

I am eating oreos and doughnuts while watching chobits at youtube. =D i'm quite happy about the emoticons i made and i am happily using them on msn... yay! i shall make more.!

On 28.5.2006 i am going korea with my CCA. chinese society rawks!i still have many mosquito bites... =(

1.addicted to oreos 

2. love chobits

3. want to watch fruits basket

4. Want to watch 6.00pm anime on channel 56

5. miss 2ismos 


Sec 2 Level Camp 2006                        11.5.2006

 CIVILISED WORLD! I AM BACK!!! i missed missed missed missed you all so so much! *rains kisses on everything*

for the first time, i shall say, i did not enjoy the camp overall. *sigh* i thought all camps will be interesting for me, apparently, this one disappointed me. *sad sad sad*

My group's name is OREO! yay! group O! I was very very hyper since the first day. I told myself before the camp: "i must enjoy the camp as much as possible". BUT I DIDN ENJOY! *sniff* awww, anyway, i had a trademark phrase which everybody in my group knows. YEAH BABY YEAH! i'm pissed cos group P copied my yeah baby yeah without my consent. i wish you all more mosquito bites. They insult the phrase, they say until no feel... XP.

*some werido claps*

oreo, wheres the heat?

show them we can rock the beat

yeahhhh OREO!

tanjong rhu  HOI

buona vista  HOI

all the way HOI

all we slay  HOI

if they charge HOI

we will barge  HOI

so we slay  HOI

all the way  HOI

yeahhhh OREO!



see my trademark? i'm the commander for the yeah baby part lor... =D although i am high, i still have my reserves for the camp. i am the roudy type, but i still ya.... nvm... nature rumble was nice! you get to walk and bathe in mud. BLACK-greyish mud... =D then we walk in mangrove. saw pond skaters, water snails, watersnail eggs, lots and lots of insects. a lot of people went screaming. unlike me... i sat in the mid and then washed up in the mangrove, where the water was quite clear. thats about the only part which was fun.

Campfire was ok also. group O and P combine to be group OP! yay! and marcus wore a converse shirt today, -.- anyway, we did a banana dance and a fever dance for the camp item. 

all the bananas in the world unite!

shake banana shake shake banana

peel banana peel peel banana

squash banana squash squash banana

eat banana eat eat banana 

urrrgh banana urrrgh urrrgh banana [shitting the banana out] 


*eleven claps* 

i've a fever, i'm hot i cant be stopped

i've a fever, i'm hot i cant be stopped

with a front OOOH back AHHH i cant be stopped

with a front OOOH back AHHH i cant be stopped

i've a fever


lol... fun!oh well... i shall go pixelling... i'll update when i think of something. =D 

Itchy eyes and maths test do not mix 2.5.2006

Maths test tomorrow. I am studying... finally... some accomplishment. But i have slept for 3 whole hours before studying, so it shows i am still not as hardworking as i want to be.

Cant blame me for being lazy. I have red eyes and it really bugging me. It's itching my eyes damn much. Both eyes summore. I sleep and slepp and it doesn't heal. shucks. I hope i get some MC or manybe some symphathy from my mum and i don't have to go school tomorrow. OH WELL! if that happens i'll be taller than xin yan.

I'm irritating the hell out of ziyu by forcing algebra formulas out of him. and he gives me simple ones such as...
is equal to

I know this one... but lets not care... it's not like i'm gonna pass it anyway. I copied all the mensuration formulas off the internet. Memorised half of it. But i know it's not gonna help anyway, i feel dead already. 3 periods of maths tomorrow. Sure will kanna test. Let the whole class sit in a circle around a single mushroom and pray miss N gets food poisoning or something mild but lethal enough so she doesn't come for the week. COme tOgether ismOsians! together we PRAY!

PE tomorrow... sucks as well... sure 2.4km. damn. I must start thinking of a fatal disease to fake tomorrow. and i shall do my sit and reach retest... I MUST GET AN 'A' FOR EVERYTHING! MWAHAHAHHAHAAHA...! *jeers at the other people who didn't get all A* ok... sorry... don't take that to heart. *laughs secretly* *scolds myself for being evil*

i'm once again addicted to photoshop, flash, pixelling again. This time, with MUCH improved skills than last time. i can make pixels so much better than last time. *feels proud* i wanna make a nice pixel town, with cars and stuff... but not now... maths....>_< photoshop is damn nice la... i made a brush set i'm quite proud of... =D... i shall use myself... den when i sian den i shall upload for you all... XP

i shall go train my sit and reach! OOH! i can announce my NAPFA 5 items result. Although i lose to some people in some places, but... BUT! i have my standing broad jump and incline pullup to be proud of!

Sit up            =  42                [i thought 'A' was 36, so it did 42... to find out 'A' was 30]
Sit and reach =  40cm            ['A' is 41cm]
Shuttle run    =  10.6 secs       [not something to be proud of.... T-T]
Incline pullup =  30 times        [yes... 30, not 3 or 13. Because the instructor asked my CCA! CHINESE SOCIETY FOREVER!]
Blah jump     =  196cm           [lalala! i didn't swing like mad woman, i just.. stood and JUMP! *proud*]

ok.... *listens to jap music* angelus! yay!
*mugs for maths test*