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Today is a rainy day                   31.3.2006 

Today is DHS's 50th anniversary celebration... DHS so bias... but 2I in such a miserable position... we were blocked by a blardie pillar... and the performances weren't even interesting... BLEEHHH! i only cheered for my friends... I shouted IBUUUUUUU! and everyone looked at me... LOOK WHAT LOOK LOR, NEVER SEE DAUGHTER CALL MOTHER BEFORE MEHHH?!?

Then... we went to recess and then to captain's ball... sweat like dunno what shit larh... den have alot of puddles on the ground, the guys sweat until like they fell in the puddle liddat...jump jump jump... =.= But it was quite funny cos alot of ooloong shoots. *boing boing*

I showed many the russell peters video. Laugh like siao! Miss N and Mrs T poked their head in to see what we were laughing about... cos we laugh until so hard... lol... who wants it? tell me! and i see if i like u, den i will send to u... if i bo song... den... huo gai lor...

CCA was fast today. just discuss a bit only, and make red and green flag... look like chopper though... And i ended up dismissing at 3.30pm and i went to decorate the class whiteboard. It has a new "test", "newspaper" and a announcement section... lol... i like doing things for the class...but i'm not sure if people appreciates it...i made today's Ismos times... hard to think of the topic...

Went home at like... 5? with laoba. Den we watched the rest of the russell peters. laoba laugh until people think that he is mad. Well, i think he is already... XP I think he is still I think he doesn't really understand what russell is saying... cos russell has a slang and he speaks quite fast... oh welll...

I shall write more another time bah... =D MISS ME!

day 10.13pm


Ismos Times                           30.3.2006

I made the ismos times le! and it's linked here. It is sort of the archive... happy reading ismosians!

Love me                               

OK... HI PEOPLE! obviously, i'm still not good at writing titles... I just memorised the song lyrics "Love Me" by Collin Raye. So nice... haha... the official Ismos song! declared by kiayi... XP Hmmm... should i talk about the day's activities when i get back home or should i say them now? Ooops... i just realised i had pasted the lyrics in like... 30 secs ago... [i'm very forgetful] so... enjoy... my crap will be continued below the lyrics...!

Love me

Collin Raye 

I read a note my Grandma wrote back in 1923.
Grandpa kept it in his coat, and he showed it once to me.
He said: "Boy, you might not understand, but a long long time ago,
"Grandma's daddy didn't like me none, but I loved your Grandma so.

"We had this crazy plan to meet, and run away together.
"Get married in the first town we came to and live forever.
"But, nailed to the tree where we were supposed to meet, instead,
"I found this letter, and this is what it said:

    "'If you get there before I do, don't give up on me.
    "'I'll meet you when my chores are through,
    "'I don't know how long I'll be.
    "'But I'm not gonna let you down: darlin' wait and see.
    "'And between now and then,'til I see you again,
    "'I'll be loving you,
    "'Love, Me.'"

I read those words just hours before my Grandma passed away,
In the doorway of a church where me and grandpa stopped to pray.
I know I'd never seen him cry, in all my fifteen years.
But as he said these words to her, his eyes filled up with tears.

    "If you get there before I do, don't give up on me.
    "I'll meet you when my chores are through,
    "I don't know how long I'll be.
    "But I'm not gonna let you down: darlin' wait and see.
    "And between now and then,'til I see you again,
    "I'll be loving you,
    "Love, Me."

"Between now and then,'til I see you again,
"I'll be loving you,
"Love, Me."

-End -

 NICE? i shall find a link where u can download it so you can enjoy it... =D here should be can... and this is for testing purpose, buy the original!... AHAHA! Hmmm... what did i do today... school was super sian... lets not care about it then...

After school i have to diao xi. Apparently, my senior didn't turn up and i got very pissed. In the end, we dismissed at 4.00pm i waited so long for nothing... @#$%^& i went to class like everytime there was a pause. SO fun! Anyway, my laoba waited for me, SO GAN DONG!

Just before we left, tian da lei pi, it started raining... with thunder. Ryan went to hug zhen zhou... actually, i told him to de la...XP Anyway, SH and gang went to take 158 while Ryan, me and zhen zhou took 12 straight. Since Ryan didn't bring umbrella, zz and Ryan shared one. I cant share with them right? anyway, Ryan felt romantic while zhen zhou felt harassed. LOL

They became so wet, i thought they were dry... lol. Then we sat on the bus and talked dirty stuff while commenting on zhen zhou. Ryan was touching away. then we went to look at zz's handphone picture. Hmmm... what else happened.... dunno...

OH YA! shuyi got caught for her long hair, by FANG. Fang threw her into a cage and tied her hair up like a wild animal! shuyi struggled but was no match for the experienced Fang. Shuyi was left traumatised and feeling depressed. She's so afraid of the scary experience, i think she wishes she's bald...LOL

Thursday 7.33pm

Crap                                  29.3.2006 

Ok. This is bad... In blogger, i am not used to put a title in my blog posts... now i have to think of the name of title. Name of the title? Sounds wrong. OH WELL... I'm trying to think of what i can do with my split sites... *wonders* Anyway, until i know how to put a tagboard, the tagboard on is still usable. I check it often... I haven got over the sadness of leaving my blog... WAAHHH... hmmm... do you seriously think this or my original blog is better? ANYWAY, lets talk about school today.

I brought my jacket down to my bus, and i actually forgot to wear it. It's so stupid larh! I was listening to BoA on the school bus, as usual. 

Science was confusing,i cant believe forces can be so cheem. 

P.E was ok... 2 rounds only. Then is sit ups, which i did 3 cos i was too lazy to actually do it properly and the sun was shining down on my eyes, so i slept for that short 1 minute which drove yuehuan mad and trying to lure me up by saying "clay aiken". Not cos i like clay, cos she loves him and i get sick of her nagging. so i went up to shoot her with my rubber band. I wanna kill her, BoA is pronounced as Bo-AH. Yuehuan makes it sounds like bOOOOOa or bra and etc. BLEH! clay nakened.

Maths... BORING...~~ It's real easy sometimes but sucky on the others. cos i cnat understand a crap of it if i miss out ONE word that miss N says...

BP sucks to the core. I don't know a single crap to it... AHHH... just as well... i'm gonna score 10/50. I love myself.

Geog rawks... i cant believe i am saying that. but it just rawks today la kay? Miss Ng is so nice...!!! she doesn't scold anyone anything one lor... she just smiles happily at us. =D

Stayed back for computer project. I wonder how the video will turn out... =( Must brace for the impact

Went home with Rong Hui, Zhen Zhou and Ziyu. RH anti la... go on the bus den sleep. Just as well... XP So, ZY, ZZ and me sat in a triangle and ZY was ranting on with his jokes. SO cold, you feel warm! i was telling him... 

"ziyu, can tell funny jokes? your cold jokes not cold one...."

Zhen zhou say it's because the bus is cold and cold joke are supposed to be told in the warm place. ZZ has a habit of putting his hand in front of me when i am walking in his direction and "scaring" me. -.- i shall just pretend to be surprised. oh well... it's quite fun though, i don't know why, it's just fun la... Oh well... i shall just go off for now... and try and add to my branch pages... =D

Try Try only                    28.3.2006

Ok... i'm just trying this out... if it goes well, i might move my blog here... i don't know why... i just like to... =D I cant seem to put a tagboard here... =( just as well... since my tagboard was dying ANYWAY... >_< The simplicity of this place attracts me... ahaha! Shuyi will be jealous of the simplicity. Besides... this place is easier to upload photos... =D It is a bit troublesome as i have to put the date in myself... >_< I shall miss my old blog... >_< Nevermind... i shall "move" some of my old posts here to make it look more homely... I don't know what to call the pages that branch out from this main page... anyone suggests? i shall call it split sites for the time being...

Tuesday 6.05pm 

Fcuk history                           27.3.2006

Fuck! I dun care anymore! I WISH I CAN HECK CARE! it's like... who cares a FuckING thing about raffles landing on SIngapore and trying to build a port? I mean, why bother listing out all the problems he faced? i mean, that is HIS problem, what has it got to with me? it's so damn unfair. Why doesn't he have to study WHY kiayi hates history while i have to study what HE does? Humans really have too much time on their bloody hands. What Tang Dynasty poems, literature, history. Why do we need to study poems? they are for people who like them, since i have absolute zero interest, they should be left alone instead of getting one more person to hate them. literature is plain shit. Is Narnia a success or failure. when you read the book, you try to relax, not get yourself all tensed up over millions of questions. History is just crap larh. i have enough to fret over, i do not have the time to try and understand ur problems Raffles. I do not care you want a new british port and you face problems. I have my own problems and i dun see studying your problems will make mine or your life any easier. admit it, you are already dead. Although there is a statue of you somewhere near the river, take note, birds shit on your head. So, admit it, young people dun really care, cos you are Fuckingly DEAD! I am a history idiot, i am only 14 years old, why study like i am a hundred years old. I dun understand history. and apparently, my dear history expert, is sleeping happily amid my cries of distress. CS drama is driving me mad, and i am on the brink of crying every single second. I do not kill myself. I always smile. but i feel like crying now. As in real tears, not those i cry for the sake of crying. I wanna ask, why can you sleep while i cant? Why are you dead and your Fucking problems become mine? Why do i have to hate a cca i used to love for 14 years? Why cant i be born 200 years ealier so i am an ancestor of raffles? Why people like to pang seh me? Why am i feeling alone? Why cant i smile truely? Why is the song i'm listening to so sad? WHY IS THE BLOODY SKY BLUE? I hate the name Thomas. Raffles sucks as well. Raffles taught himself malay. Now i dun wanna learn malay. What is the Fucking problem with history? I try so hard to understand it, but i just cant seem to. I mean, why cant history papers be used as toilet paper? Maybe my history exam papers will be passed down as an artifact of a failure history student. I shall march down one day to the statue and ask him, WHAT IS YOUR FuckING PROBLEM? WHY DO YOU EVEN HAVE TO THINK OF HAVING A NEW PORT?!? beware of what you think.

Monday 8.53pm

Happy Birthday                        25.3.2006

hai.... i don't know if i'll be celebrating this day next year or in years to come. I have celebrated it a few years back... and i'm gonna celebrate it now again... although the person i am celebrating for will never come across this entry, or even come close to this blog. I have been thinking of this event the whole day. I never forget it. I wonder how it has passed for the person. How that person celebrated it. I don't know if that person thought of me. But however, i shall now, still say my wishes.

I wish you to have a nice road ahead. When you come across obstacles that will help you and meet people who are truthful and trustworthy. May you have an acceptionally great day whenever this particular day occurs. Please stay happy and never let your smile die. Your smile, is the greatest motivation for me to try my very best to do small things to make your day a bit better. I have never been so cautious of a person's feelings. You taught me. Me and you come from different places. You will never believe in what i believe in and i will never believen in what you believe in. But, we have so much in common, i cant believe it. I wish you, a happy birthday.