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Blah! this page is for posts i like alot. Its in my old blog and apparently... I wanna read it again and again and again! =D haha... this page is still building in progress... so remember to come back! =D

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Perverted stuff                        10.3.2006

announcement... the below post is VERY saturated with VERY VERY VERY perverted stuff. and it's PURELY for entertainment purposes. I am NOT responsible for any erections or causes of harm to your boy/girlfriends after you read this post. If you are gonna start critisizing my school or the "young people nowadays", please leave, cos, it's just not suitable for you can? no real names are used unless really neccesary. if you are too pure, do not read on, even if you do, you wont understand it. to read it, highlight the post. [to protect the innocent]


i hereby announce the
[dont really feel good if you post his full real name does it?]

ok.... RELAC people... i'm not the one going boy crazy... it's my qie that DESIRES him! WOO!!! I AM GONNA HAVE A MUMMY SOON!!!! *calms down*

okok... i'm gonna tell you the full process of how zacky from a boy, became a MAN in my qie's eyes...... LoL

since today's the "last day of school". Me and my nice "yellow" friends we having a VERY heated talk during recess... and we decided to talk about toilets' EHEM. *looks below* And we went to class to continue the discussion after we had finised eating and had talked until the food had decomposed. [p.s. 2 teachers sort of overheard us, they laughed to themselves but remained quiet... AHHHHHH]So we went back to class. We were looking at everyone's AHEM. *hides* and then we realised that the 3 guys are seated and well hidden from view.

and we....

ky: "zacky, stand up a while can?"
*gives us a weird look but remains seated*
gl: "nevermind, ah poot, stand a while pleaseeee?"
*ah poot stands...*
*comments comments* *giggles giggles* *breaks into laughter*
ky: "zacky... stand for a while only larh"
*zacky stands beside ah poot*
all:"OH MY GAWDDD!!!"
*zacky and ah poot sits down, leaving the girls amazed and the guys jealous*

LoL. And we were talking about muscles... and i told my qie that zacky has six pack... She went...
gl: "OMG!!!" *holds my had tightly* " he is soooo hot! i cant sleep tonight! oh no oh no ... ZACKY!!! ahhh... why is he suddenly so SEXY?!?"

I decided to get some fun while helping my dear qie much to the irritation and depression.
so, after school.........

Warning, if you are already trying hard not to vomit, please do not read on... k? Really... it's not going to get any better...

ky: "Eh... zacky..."
zz: "what?"
ky: " pass me the medicine ball"
*me and zacky starts playing with the 3 kg medicine ball*
gl: " KIAYI!!! i'm gonna follow you WHEREVER you go!"
ky: " me? or him?" *grins*
gl: " you are asking the damn obvious" *eyes not taking off*


gl: " kiayi..."
ky: " iyeh?"
gl: " i think he has muscles"
ky: "of cos he has" *thinking dirty*
gl: " no... as in the one on the arm"
ky: " wanna find out?"
gl: " ANNAH!"
so... of cos i'm the one to do the asking...... i'm his nu er excuse me.


ky: "zacky laoba."
zz: "yes?" *a bit cautious of us*
ky: " can show us your muscle?"
zz: " HUH?"
ky: " MUSCLE... Hand one la... " *rolls eyes*
zz: " ORH..." *sits down*
*my qie squeals and clutches onto my arm*
*pulls up sleeves*
" OMG... kiayiiiiii!!!"
*flexes muscles*
*kiayi looks around to find gloria had fainted*
*shakes her head at zacky*
ky: "you really shouldn't have done that..."
zz: "..." *shrugs*

ok... warning again... this is VERY VERY VERY bian tai... do not read on kay?


gl: "eh kiayi..."
*ky jumps*
ky: thinks: so fast recover? "yes?"
gl: "nothing"
ky: " ehhhh... you think he has..............."
gl: " has what has what? what!!!"
ky: " armpit hair"
ky: " how to ask!?!"
*thinks hard*
ky: "i throw him the medicine ball, and you stand beside him and try see?"
gl: " OKOKOKOK!"
*poor zacky.... BUT he doesn really raise his hand when catching a ball...*
gl: " awwwwwwwww..."
*here comes ry*
*ry forces zacky's sleeves*
zz: " EHEH!!! WHAT YOU DOING!?!"
ry: " i'm helping you, so we can satisfy everyone's curiosity, then we can stop bugging you"
ky: thinks: more like your curiosity.... -.-
ky: "qie, i go home with him on the same bus, he alights one stop after me lehh..."
gl: " AHHH! WHYYY!?!? not fair!"
*ky smiles*

On the bus/at the bus stop that day after CCA

ky: "HAI... laoba... i cant help you this time."
zz: "... i'm going mad. why u all go look... THERE?"
ky: "you stand up that time you dunno we are looking THERE meh?"
zz: "I know..."
ky: *utterly shocked* " THEN YOU STILL STAND UP? den people ask you what is ur underwear colour you take your pants down for them to see meh?!?"
zz: "no...?"
ky: "then why you stand?"
zz: "stand for the fun of it marh... i didn know what will happen..."
ky: "for goodness sake... you know gl's getting horney..."
zz: "i feel violated"
ky: "honoured"
zz: "violated"
ky: "honoured"
zz: "violated"
ky: "honoured"
zz: "violated"
ky: "honoured cos if your tiao jian is not good, no one want to look at you one"
zz: "... bus come liao" *i think he actually was thinking : YA LOR"*
*we got on the bus*
ky: *keep laughing for no reason*
zz: "zzzzzz"


On the bus with zz [the wonder of messages]

*around simei*
*zz take hp out and types something in and hands it to ky*
*ky looks out of the window and gets diaozed*
the message : it's going to rain
ky's message: ur turn to diao me out leh
zz's : -.-
zz's: -.-"
ky: _-_lll so diaozed i went upside down
*gives a DIAO look* =.=
ky: @_@ ohbakak
zz: -.-[9]
*puzzled look*
zz says : a person from side view. the [9] is the ear
*almost fall off chair*
ky: [9]-.-[9] people with big ears
zz says: "not like lehh"
zz says: "i wanna try make bear"
ky says: "i know how to make!"
*makes a bear*
zz says: dont look like lehh...
*ky peeps over zz's hp to see how he made his*
*zz ducks away*
ky thinks: must be the bear make until look like crocodile... so dun let me see... *humphs and gets off the bus*

LoL... i know... it's a whole chunk of zacky stuff... LoL... his reaction is always funny... lets see who else can get SO FEATURED in my blog next time... lol

gl for your consent to let me post this
zz laoba for giving consent to let me post this
ry for making this funny topic
sy for starting the topic [ahahahah]

The below content is for entertainment purposes, pls do not take to heart.
anyway, i saw 2 indians in a car in the afternoon. The male was driving and the female was pointing and talking. The male looked like the female's son... so we shall call them mother and son. the mother was like... nagging i think... i could imagine......

Son: but maaa
mum: no buts, i like girlA
Son: No, i already liked girlB and i'll never change
mum: I feel that girlA is better!
Son: in what way?
mum: look at girlB, she is so thin!!! GirlA has a much more desirable figure.
mum: FATS? it's called fortune! son, FORTUNE!
Son: what can i do to let you accept girlB?
mum: feed her more
mum: roti prata
Son: you will get sick of it soon...
mum: we have mutton curry, chicken curry, curry fish head. You want what curry got what curry, we have lots of indian traditional food!
Son: MUM
mum: NO... i want her at least HUGGABLE before coming into my family.

Haha.... if i offended anyone, please forgive... XP

conclusion... today's been a nice and meaningful last day of school... =D

Forgot what day... 10.01pm