CS South Korea Trip

My trip to south korea ??? 

haha! hundreds of photos here for you all to enjoy. The trip was from 28.5.2006 to 2.6.2006. With CS! =D Please enjoy the photos which i painstakingly uploaded.... =D

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hahaha! after 4 days of uploading i managed to finish this thingy! so lets start with the trip! Click to enlarge! feel free to take the photos... =) 300+ 400+ photos... my camera worked hard... so many pics... it might bore you.

my bag =) the colourful one... haha

my seniors! joycelyn and lyon.. PAISEH... i dunno how to spell

 The people who came to see us off... see if you can spot someone...

Dorothy ahyi's way of taking pics... =.=

group photo!

THE KOREA AIRPORT TOILET! i'm in the middle!

paiseh... lazy to turn... this is the toilet corridor. the one on the left is the floor

toilet bowl... XP

my flight is KE642, the 3rd line is "singapore" in korean words

we started going mad already

me and airport cactus 

yuntong and airport cactus

the airport... nice right?

our first place of interest... haha... still at airport...-.-


view from the airport

another view.

me and yuntong! =)

me calling... fakely. haha...

some of the rest of the peeps!

enlarge this!!! looks damn nice can?

i'm not the only one working my camera

and we are off to see korea! [i think you are bored by now already]

take pic of myself... i look... 0.o

more roads... 5hr journey leh...

i'm in the cubicle of a public toilet!

haha! the squat toilet. [just a comment... their toilets are VERY clean...]

they actually have a mirror so you can see yourself while shitting!!!

enlarge to see how they put the soup in the udon!

isn't as good as it looks.... =P

but everyone digs in!

cos... we are hungry...

dun see me so happy... act act only.

more views!

24hour shopping mart!

i bought this!

see what others bought as well

first jing dian. the one in red is my tour guide! MARY!

romantic? haha... it's outside the toilet!


toilet bowl.

for the guys! no... i didn't go in... -.-

i was so happy to see a red tree!


posing for no apparent reason

me and tourguide!

grp photo 1

group photo 2!

the big big bell

told you i was happy to see a red tree

we got more excited to see a pink and blue bike

ahem ahem! wetland cultivation


and more!


me and feet


she and feet!


me and haze!

sorry... it's quite late and it's tiring putting them up... i'll continue it later... SORRY.