august 2006

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Bloody emo day

today is an emo day. I feel happy, sad, pissed and crazy at the same time....

happy:    i went out with my pri school friends today... YAY! althoygh we had to be cruel and shake off 2 people at first, it was quite a happy outing. Elissa's biggest phobia is officially shopping with me. she can honestly go mad. ask jonathan, yizhuang and qianye. we went to eat at pasta mania and i blew a hole in my pocket. Then.... we dunno walk where. They decided to watch movie, but my mum wants me to go back by 5 because of aikido. So they watched the 4.30 one while i went home. But while they were waiting for the movie, we went to toys 'r' us. Wai Yan's [elissa's VERY unprefered name] worst nightmare. I was hitting her head and everyone else's heads with balls, plastic swords, soft toys and etc. lol. then i went home. Happily.

crazy: AHHHH.... today was half day, but it was just as stressful. tamade. i still cant find my dumbed maths quiz paper. MISS NGAU... please gimme more time, dont give me a zero please...  beg u i beg u. hai... then was the "spark of unfriendlyness" with my rival CCA lol.

sad: WAAHHHH! dont mention it. I really wanna cry le. jezreel and joab is quitting aikido. Today's their last day. We had a 1 and a half hour celebration. first half an hour we go to the playground half and hour before class starts. Then... half an hour is we go early home. [me and joab and xae-rl supposed to go at 9.30, but we went at 9] den half an hour is extra we add one. i was damn sad... jezreel was the first person i met in aikido, she was my first best friend in aikido. joab was the one of the only guy that i can go mad with and fight with. why.... T-T I DUN WAN THEM TO GO LAAAAAH! T-T

pissed: WTH WTH WTH. i shall name their big names. i dun care they read my blog or anyone who reads my blog know them. all the better. they are KIMBERLY and FELICIA from aikido shinju-kai, pasir ris dojo. AND they are sisters, kim being the elder. HEY ARE NOSY PARKERS WHO CAN NEVER KEEP THEIR NOSES TO THEMSELVES AND GOES AROUND POKING IT INTO PEOPLES BUTTS. kimberly is the pain in my ass. LIKE WTH? i go home early i go home early la! u call wad call? i ignore u den u say wad? "u go home early how u go grading?" I GO GRADING U BUSINESS MEH? i FAIL it ur business MEH? i waste my money ur business meh? when i partner joab, we alwasy squabble and fight. u say what? "ohhhh.... couples always quarrel." and felicia agrees with you. GET A LIFE! look around u. you partner guys from age 16-40+ more than 10 of them. What shall i call u? hmmm.... A FLIRT MEH? i have never insulted u or what. I never even intend to talk to u. U suan me i also didn do anything. U are too much. lemme tell u... next week u suan me again, i am SO gonna make a scene at the dojo. Felicia takes after her sis, being a pet dog and agreeing with wadever  kim says, and adding salt to it. GO AND DIE LA U. no respect for the elder. once i get my blue gold i'll be ur senior for excuse me.  kimberly i warn u ONCE MORE. PISS ME OFF AGAIN, I'LL MAKE A SCENE U BLOODY F***ing ASSHOLE.

jezreel, joab, i'll miss u 2 so so much. come back often plsplspls.

Bio test

i shall announce that i lost 1 mark for my bio cos that thing on top of the balls is bladder... GREAT..... anyway........... I AM GOING OUT TO MEET MY PRI SCHOOL FRIENDS AND I AM DAMN HAPPY! i have the dumb performance for the upper sec... and will only be released about 10.30? 10.45? ok la... same as others... but it still sucks... i wonder what we are gonna do at TM... lol.

i cannot find my maths ws... if i dont passup tomorrow... it will be a  ZERO. AWWWW.... shit. teachers day... i nvr prepare presents for them... cos... they taught us what... the real expression of gratitute comes from the HEART.  lol....

hai... i nid to find my maths ws...


ahhhhh..... I owe different teachers so many things... shit. i cant seem to finish maths sculpture. wth... i cant help but scold vulglarities. BIO test tomorrow. i'm like soooo excited... like real...

Paixi sucks today. LIKE WHAT THE HELL? dry run sucks even more. the teacher dun understand chinese my problem meh? she's chinese, born in singapore, but english educated so she is so damn bias against us, chinese society. I know chinese society is old fashion, traditional. But its the traditional part that makes you, you! chinese tradition teaches morals and lots of other things that you cant learn in western cultures. Western cultures are more free and all, more people like the western country. I like western cultures, but i insist that there are things that we should learn from the chinese. and besides, I AM CHINESE. my granddad is from china and i am proud of it.

biobiobio. i better get moving, failing my bio test is so gonna tarnish my reputation. maybe going out with my PRPS friends this thurs will cheer me up a bit. *weak smile* i mean... IT DEFINITELY WILL! my blog isn't safe anymore, i cant say why i will be happy. lol, many people knows. =) ANYWAY


oh... i'm taking traditional chinese medicine as my elective next year and thats that.


i am bored. History tomorrow. shant talk about it. I have talked about it somewhere else... OOOPS. lol. Paixi today. sian sian sian. Like what was her bloody problem larh? she seems to have a problem with anything andANYONE. all except siswo hatoyo. like wth? wad ever we do she will scold. wad ever SH do, she will ignore. BIAS CREEP. nobody wanted you. i was so damn disappointed when u got it. Like... you dont deserve it  la! so many people else deserve it. ABSOLUTELY NOT YOU. you come just make everyone feel shitty. sucks la u! alot of ppl are jealous of my cca. they call it slack... but the underground feel is damn complicated. i need a rest. AND WHEN YOUR GOOD FREN SAY MONDAY PAIXI END AT 5.30pm, IT'D BETTER OR I WILL BLOW. i hate paixi. especially if i am peiying. like...  saying only 3 sentences per time i practice the play. den u demand so much frm us.  peixing sucks. paixi sucks. i didn ask to be peiying mind you. I was pulled in without my godammit permission. i was happily about to go home one day when siswo hatoyo asked me to stay back cos i was peiying. i was like WTF?!? i was peiying? i want to go home HOR!  jingwen finally understood that my words to her are true and should heed it. let others suffer instead of youself. paixi is too much of a torture.


=( my maths... 4 marks fly cos not enuff time... wth... ziyu just suanned me... hai... i shall do the usual... 5 things i did, 5 things i am doing and 5 things i want to do today.

5 things i did:  [wrote in my diary] [did history at zz's hse] [slept on 12 bus] [ponned my cca] [ate ramen]

5 things i am doing: [talking to yz,gillian,ziyu,siya,zz on msn] [blogging] [feel like going toilet] [feel shitty] [feel that the baoxiaoxinrenwang is dumb and absolutely waste of time]

5 things i want to do/forced to do:  [post the story of 2 racoons on class blog] [pack bag] [get ready to kill ziyu] [get ready to sing in class tmr] [update my side bar]

i am bored.... i forget to bring my hist file today... WTH... i dun wanna fail my hist as well... =( =( =( i feel empty... I DUNNO WADS WRONG WITH ME SO I SHALL GO TAG PPL'S BLOG AND THEN GO AND SMS PPL WILDLY. SO THERE! T-T

Maths can go and die

HOWHOWHOWHOWHOW? i am so gonna die!!! i left my dumb bloody goddammit maths file in the dusty classroom to rot. tomorrow's maths common test. AND UNFORTUNATELY I DID MY FILING!!! WHY OH WHY CANT I BE LAZY FOR JUST THIS ONCE AND DUN DO MY FILING!?! i'm breaking down right now. Got see the show of the guy wating to jump down the flat bcos of the Ah Boy thing? HE IS BRILLIANT! T-T i'm so gonna fail. talking to shuyi and zhenzhou doesn help at all... they just keep telling me that they will be worse off than me and scold me for being paranoid and putting them down... since its in school... and i did my filing... I SHALL GET MY 2 EXTRA MARKS FOR MATHS FILING FOR PASSING UP ON MONDAY! T-T it aint worth it...

walked up and down , left and right on the expressways near suntec today to do filming... walked like slave. I just realised that the explanade is a heavenly place becos it's aircon rocks my socks. 


The teachers like me T-T 

=[ my classmates are tellimg me that some of the teachers in school like me alot... like Wang Laoshi and our 2Ismos mama , mdm john. Mama gave me SC application form and Wang Laoshi always seem to laugh at whatever i say... even when i think its not funny... Today Mama gave a cold joke...

"ok... so in Narnia, Aslan.... look here on the board please."

*marcus, sinhui and shuyi still faces the back.*

"Ooooh! The three people in the front has hair growing out of their faces! =) =D XP"

and she was like so delighted at her joke and proceeded to laugh happily... LOL. Wang Laoshi was the cutest... the smiley face on the paper ... tralala! 

T-T the teachers like me...  


bad kiayi BAD! how many homework have you owed your teachers? HUH? HUH? HUH? now u are rushing your homework and you still have time to blog?!? how bad can you get? you haven finish your gong han, you haven started on your portfolio, you have not done your common test practice paper, you have so many things undone and you are still thinking of games? you are dying in ur subjects? STUDY KIAYI!!!

AHHHH! i'm talking to myself... T-T 


yesyes... kill me, cos i haevn been updating... =( i'm not busy... just sort of daydreaming here and there and end up VERY busy at the alst minute. i haven finish my gonghan and sihan... i'm dead. History song assignment is due this fri or nxt? geog project suddenly stopped due to no reason, LSP booklet not done and no initiative taken, langarts assignment not done, 1 or 2 tests this week? nvm... whatever it is... i'm dead. OH... and my 1.5/10 ting xie corrections are not done cos i dunno what words it is supposed to be cos i left it all blank. AND, i owe yanchun 10weeks of zhouji. i know... i'm a genius!

anyway... went parkway today to stock up/waste munny/buy stuff to make me happy, with my family. ate at marine parade 1st... den... my bro and dad went to harvey norman, me and my sis went to Mui-ee and charmeleon [for school rubberbands and clips, my old one is rotting away at home cos apparently i left it somewhere at home and failed to locate it.] Mui-ee is just to deco my HP. and my mum? went to giant of cos. and in the end, we met up in  giant cos mum's the biggest and erm... whatever reasons... so...

i proudly present to you... SHOPPING WITH KIAYI AT PARKWAY GIANT! [fotos taken by my 6280 =)]




  orange... and i found 3 different shades of tomatoes! green too!!!

  lol... yellow?

  it looks more of green... BUT PINEAPPLES ARE YELLOW AND I DUN CARE! [i bet u dun either]

  green cucumber!!! gets all excited along with ryan!

  watermelon!!! juicy juicy ones! momo bought one home!

  yucky yucks!

  dont you think they are so damn cute???

 oooo.... i dunno what it is... T-T *hits myself on the head with a saucepan*

  Brinjaw? Brinja? Brinjauw? Bringaw? no wonder they call it Eggplant...

  EGG!!! when the put it in soil and... it becomes the eggplant!



  mayabia papaya! mayabia papaya! my future dog's name... SET ARH!

  WOW? 500 grams of eggs? they robbed so many woman!!! sinful! shameless!

  sweets! sweet sweets! =)=) for classroom survival.

  gorgor and momo!

 the egg robbing evil dino





  I! KIAYI!!!

  Destroy the evidence! SINFUL! SHAMELESS!





done! have a nice day!


hello... just came back from aikido! i have to go now... science test tomorrow... to all those who forgot to bring the file home like zhenzhou laoba... GOOD LUCK MWAHAHAH! anyway...

thos who come my blog-read my post-and do not tag SHALL DIE!!!


a lame game to let u all waste your precious time    [lame game that takes up around 10mins of your time] keeps you real diaozed and sian at the end of it... haha!