april 2006

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i actually got onto organising my archive... i need to celebrate... M18 anyone?

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Drama competition                    23.4.2006 

It was yesterday la... went to ulu pandan CC for dramam competition... damn exhausting.

Reach school at 9.30am. Paixi for 1 hour.

next hour? i have something to announce... 


i almost died ok... i mean...  they approach you like that...

"hey kiayi... can i put makeup on you... pretty please..."

"er... ya... ok..."

"OMG! YAY! everyone! i am gonna put makeup on kiayi!!!"

i mean... wouldn't you be scared if they approach you like you are their ginea pig or something... So while the SJAB people are having fun caterpillar walking and screaming across the field... poor kiayi is having to put up wif mad people AND makeup. I took a few pictures of me with makeup... i MIGHT post them up... but most likely not... it's a blotch in my childhood memories. [tong nian zhong de yin ying]

Then we ate lunch before putting lipstick... MY FRIEND BROUGHT A BOA ENDORSED LIPSTICK! AHHHHHHH...! i mean... it's the only time in my whole entire life that i willingly put on lipstick... it's not very red, so i was quite happy to put on a BoA endorsed lipstick. lalala~~

Then we ran around the whole school covering our face in the meantime. Well... at least my makeup was light... you cant really see it if you don't look up close. Some people was actually "disfigured" lol... i took pictures of them. Then we boarded the coach to Ulu pandan CC.

My play was the 6th among 23 teams, 2 which were from DHS. The other team was 21st... awwwww... poor things... anyway, i realised drama teachers CANNOT be trusted to put makeup on you. My 3 friends who are supposed to be gangsters in the play were thoroughly disfigured. LOL. My teacher actually wanted to "enhance" my makeup... i ranaway. DUHUH. 

Saw my brother's RI friends... said hello. 23 teams... each team 10minutes... after play, we have around 2 hours of theatre sports... 230+120= 350. 350/60= 5.8333333 rounded off =6 i spent 6 freaking hours in that dumb broing seat.

One play was so cold... as in NOT FUNNY... that i have fits... as in... it was the last play of the 23 teams, and the plot was like.. ERRRRRRRR.... ya...

i had gastric attack after everything ended... sat coach back to school... sang and traumatised the people on the coach with my 3 other friends and seniors. Then we did a "night-walk" by walking in the dark dark shortcut to macdonalds... 13 people walk together... so not very dangerous. That restaurant of that red head rendered me penniless. ok... sounds bad... Bankrupt. should have eaten at the white head... 

pictures to be posted afterwards... i need to do my science report. I am the debator for the history... the battle of Raffles and Farquar. Miss Ling says the debator does not have to do anything. But she doubts the debator will sit down and do nothing, because how can they present on something they have not prepared? I can infer that she has not met me



suffering from serious depression... today something happened... some cute bunny came along when i was eating and told my bunny friend

"HEY! you know what? we don't have to eat carrots!"

My bunny friend is so delighted, and until now, she is still celebrating. She keeps giving people the perverted look... poor me... she so happy over that piece of news, she says she likes vampires... bunnies all over my school are so delighted, i think they are going to celebrate by eating sharkfin tonight...

now very sian... sitting 2 seats away from shuyi... den have no tagboard to spam... SHUYIIII! wo xu yao ni...! ok... how fake...

becos... LALALALALA~~ for me to know and for you to find out...

hmmm... i'm off to find some lame stuff to do!

Science                           19.2.2006

Science now. shuyi's beside me giggling the hellout of herself by looking at eugene and gang's blog. Obviously,i am not doing stuff. My worksheet is clean and empty... It's cleaner then your face after using clean and clear and under control.

Shuyi "why is your starting always 'science now' ?"

me "cos obviously, it's science now"

not funny...i am eating some $1 box of sweet and at the same time hiding it left and right from the hungry mozzy sitting beside shuyi... if he sees the sweet,my box of sweets won't survive to see tomorrow's daylights.

The space bar in the com lab is killing me. It is so damn hard to press...oh worship me, as i painstakingly type these few words in. While shuyi,i believe is self-entertaining. She is like...

*read read read*


*looks around for teacher*

*read read read*


*starts banging on the table*

*kiayi laughs at a joke she sees on the internet*

shuyi "EH....u siao arh?"


poor daffy, she was being such a nicegroupmate by making ribbons and blowing dry the giltter. Then she started fanning the glitter with her hands. SO HARDWORKING RIGHT? shuyi just HAD to say that she should marry a satay man...

i shall go read rubbish websites now... later got hell PE. shit. so lets enjoy before hell breaks out.

da ren! bu yao!              17.4.2006

ok... lame heading... but lets not care about that. i wanna kill weicong for not getting the test tubes liao... DIE WEICONG! DIE! 

i have lots of overdue work... it think i will die soon... 

better do my science filing... bye 

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Tomorrow is monday           16.4.2006

Tomorrow's a freaking monday which means the dateline of history and paixi... AHHHHHHHHHH~~

Had paixi and shitai and rehersal on saturday... proved to be very tiring..

posted the blogskin for ismos painstakingly... and JASPER just had to tell the whole world the mask looked like a bra... i mean... which bra in the world has two holes in the middle? crazy shit la he... actually, also cannot blame him... he never wear bra before marh... or did he...? oh well... only Jasper knows it well...

This is a random gibberish... it's in real language... don't bother dechiphering it... it's not in code.

Koera ki shruboni kairaigushi kuro? Ki mutei koera. Ki matekezara iruto noe. Ki joen jaine iruji nitsune. Ki roki june shi kaitoro noe, haiki ki shruboni kairaigushi. Jitsuz riko jaine omoji nitsune riki jitsu kuro? Ki shruai shurai shuboni kairaigushi maik. Shruai maik koen mitz tenruria.

Science lesson                   12.4.2006

Now is science lesson... learning about newtons and stuff... shuyi is doing my work for me cos she never bring her worksheet and i, apparently, am too lazy to do it myself... hmmm... why not i post a nice version of the ismostimes now...But like no inspiration leh...

Stupid computer... no sound one.. i saved some songs in my thumbdrive and den cannot play... sian... i changed the wallpaper to a BoA girls on top wallpaper... remember to remind myself to change it back... lol

*furiously thinks of a topic to say* I remember i have a lot to say one leh...  ya... i am quite happy now... cos... *CUT..., shuyi said : i blogged... ok... continue* cos... i am watching BoA live concert full screen... =D

later P.E. sian... 6 rounds... i shall just run some 5 rounds or maybe 4. den we MIGHT have a chance of playing captain ball.

I HATE PUTTY! Such a hypocrite.... tell us not to use handphone during training and she used it herself... she can still laugh at teh jokes in her handphone.. asshole... she sould be the one setting a good example and not tell us to do a thing and then do it herself... Unfortunately, i have to see her like... 7 days a week... ok... ONCE EVERY FREAKING DAY. why she's called putty? well.. she looks like one, so she is called one.

Today no paixi, tomorrow i ahve to coem back at 8.30am for paixi. Sat is 8am in school and 2.30pm at the competition stage. sick... one day i still have to go onto the concert theatre. It will be a weekend.. as usual. Cross fingers that i dun have paixi this sunday. All my projects are gonna get affected... I AM SO SORRY MY PROJECT TEAMMATES, i really have no time...

I SWEAR i will NEVER act for my CCA EVER AGAIN. I SWEAR. I don't need a punishment. Plainly paixi is the punishment. HAI.



As promised and much to cindy's agony, i made the title her name... My best title since my new blog... =D This title actually has a meaning! ANYWAY... 

in cindy's blog... she claimed that me and jiahui raped her... of her stuff [pencil box, wallet and such] which is NOT true... how can she make such innocent people like me and jiahui sound like rapers? I shall tell u the ral mastermind... CINDY ONG MEI XIANG

Believe me! She held my hand while she was doing her jap compo[innocently, she claimed] this is the dialog:

cindy = this colour

kiayi = this colour

jiahui = this colour 

"kiayi..." *holds my hand*

"er... yes..?" *looks at my hand and wants it back badly*

"You know... it's hot in here..." *looking at my hand*

*jiahui comes in*

"OMG! CINDY! what are u trying to do to ur friend!?!"

[note: i met jiahui on that very day]

*cindy panicks and pretends that I was holding her hand* "KIAYI! LET ME GO... NO... DUN DO ANYTHING TO ME!" 

"jiahui... u must believe me!"

"i know... she has done that to me before!"

"thank goodness, someone knows the truth"

"oh... chey... then i panick for what..." *continues looking seductively at my hand*

"AHHHH! no cindy...! jiahui, lets tie her up to save the world"


*fighting scene* 


*dust settles*

"done! high five!"

"wait... lets check her wallet, to see if she had took any offensive pictures of anyone... we are saving the people"

"yeah... ok" *checks cindy's wallet as cindy struggles*

"OMGAWD! she's an alien form outer space!"

"WHAT?!? how u know?!?"

"LOOK!" *shows kiayi cindy's ez-link*

"OMG!" *in place of cindy's photo, was a yellow smiley face*

"NOOO.... u found out..."

"lets check her bag thoroughly... to see if there are any human in testtubes in it..."

"yeah... ok... HEY! i found a book! it says.... secret book of cindy and... SIMIN!?!"

" OH MY GAWD! she's alien as well?"

"HEY! DON't insult my honey ok..."

yeah... thats how it all happened... and cindy's so dead... cos obviously i am the reporter-editor-final boss of the famous ismos times...... Ismosians... ISMOS TIMES IS COMING! 

oh ya... i shall tell u who is the witness of this incident... it's my laoba.. toh zhen zhou, toh zacky... yeah... go bother him... =D

Saturday morning

The typical morning of a dunman high secondary school student. 

Wake up at 10.00am

Eat roti prata

Slack around

On the computer

surf the web

Feel hot and wished he/she is not so lazy until he/she is too lazy to go to the toilet to bathe [example:me]

A lot of people ask where is the ismos times... And what happened to it... i shall now disclose the answer... it's four lettered. it's called LAZY.

I came across cindy's blog, and i shall tell u... dun believe her! she said i raped her... but in actual, she forced me to make it seemed like i raped her...I shall open a new entry... headline news... cindy...

Crazy day                 4.4.2006 

Had lang arts test today, as usual, i forgot all about it and i didn't study... 

Finally, i can live without the horror of think about my drama practice until friday... *cheers* it's like 2 days more of worryless days! It's OMGAWDLY relaxing lor... 

I am lazy to do the ismos times... PAISEH PEOPLE! i actually have the idea and subject to do on, but i am lazy la... 

Had sickening I and E today, which it rained like shit afterwards... 

Took 158 to the 12 busstop and went home with alot of other people... i am also proud to announce i am too lazy to say who they are...

I shall go do my CME... zai jian

Saddening case             3.4.2006

ooo.... cs paixi today is sickening... so long period of time and so boring... i say lor... choosing CCA is like finding a life partner... and kiayi shall tell you why now.

Since i am a girl, i shall use  a guy as my partner larh kay? Just refer to the boy as the CCA ... Here it goes...

You know your expectations very well. You know very well what you want to see in your dream partner. His personality must be somewhat similar to yours and he should be appealing to you. While you see many people squealing about other guys, you have one in mind. He's perfect. You get to know more about him. And soon you became his girlfriend. You cannot wait for him to ask you out, and when he does, you are over the moon. After a while, when you see other people's boyfriend, they look good as well, but you know you must be loyal to your boyfriend. The day arrives when you are old enough and you wait for him to pop the question. He does. You get married. Soon, conflicts come in. And you feel like abandoning him, but at the same time, you still love him. Suddenly, you wished you had seen another guy.

HAI... i very sad la... dun ask y...

I just realised i forgot my 2 best friends' birthday... oh shucks...

Hmmm... i shall upload some stuff for the sake of uploading...lol Here is BoA's Moto. Support ORIGINAL, support BOA!!! YAY! cos BoA rawks!

Update                              30.4.2006 

It's been a million years since i have updated so i shall update! YAY! 

Yesterday was my CS concert. DAMMNIT! i am so freakingly happy! OMG! i actually went through it alive! makeup was sickening as per normal... i used BoA edorsed lipstick as usual. we went to our own room [one per group] and i was in the drama room along with other people acting in the same drama as me. it was only like... 10people? the other drama was in another room. AND OH MY GOD when i went in. 

you know in the TV shows? When the actresses are getting ready? They have this mirror with a few lightbulbs in them for the make up table? THEY F***INGLY HAVE THEM IN VIC THEATRE! i don't mean to be vulgar... and i sound like a country mouse, but ask yourself, only how many people out of the people in the world actually get to use it? So DA PAI YAN YUAN lor!

and i took note that the washroom was a little bit bigger than out average washroom. The room was around 4meters by 3meters? Sounds small, but it's actually quite comfy when you think of it. and it is air conditioned! AHAHHAHAHAHAHA! me and my 2 other friends shamelessly brought flowers for ourself.. fake plush roses from toys 'r' us. buy 1 get one free, so we got 2 each! lalala~ since it was plush, we took it and started dancing like maniacs in our room, making everyone in our room go mad. lol.

Then the opera people went to make up, and i cant really differentiate who is who after the makeup, one of them made funny faces at me with the makeup on his face. i laughed so hard. i magine those people on stage with serious serious face suddenly make funny faces at you. =D

we went on stage to try out the mic. Our performance was 7.30pm. we reach the theatre at... 8.40am? AM? AM! i was stuck inside and i hadn't seen daylight for 8.40am to 10.30pm... more than 12 hours. and we cant sleep inside. nor use handphone. Nor discman, nor mp3. so what do we do?

1. Off all the lights in the room

2. Say ghost stories

3. on the lights 

4. Say R21 jokes

5. take the rose

6. do the rose dance

7. and irritate the hell out of everybody.

it was tiring and fun i guess. Lunch was chicken rice. NICE. dinner was hostel food. YUCK! 

then we had rehersal. fine... and then... at 7.30...

announcement : the show has started. The first item has started performing

panick ran through. my play was the 4 item. AHHHHH! oh well... when it was my turn, i went out and did my stuff. Then it was so peaceful for me... and we went back to R21 jokes. XP

there was the finale. I cant help but smile so widely... it's just the surge of hapiness... =D yayayayay! we went out.. bowed... and cheeered! 

it was the last activity for the sec 4s... *BAWLS* I DON't WANT THEM TO GO! WAAAAHHHHH!

i miss the mirrors...