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Ng Kia Yi
15th October 1992
Dunman High 
Class Ismos '05 '06
Ex Pasir Ris Primary
BoA fan
my nokia 6280
pics pics pics! 
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=) saturday! 6 days to EOYs... 


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s a t u r d a y 

i can wake up at 10 plus tomorrow!

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Pictures! picstures! I NEED TO MAKE MY SIDEBAR LONGER!!! my pics are over shooting by alot!

-maths test... =(

-i passed my grading




-canon groove


-Feel me

-Its raining

-my name

- obviously

-7 years and 50 days 

- Everytime we touch

- Only love

- My Will

- Kaolla Su's transformation

- Key of the twilight

- The world

- I kiss

- Peace B

- Rock With You 

-feel me 

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the bangles i bought at MI while doing research


Only love [groove coverage]

Verse 1
My friends do always tell me that they see you drop the top,
got a girl in every city flirting all around the clock.

Oh baby´s catching Junglefever Junglefever´s catching you,
shouldn´t try to tell me lies 
rather come out with the blues.

I got a feeling baby 
I lose control 
you cut my heart in pieces 
you crush my soul.
I got a passion baby 
I lose control 
you rip my heart in pieces 
you crush my soul.

You can go 
you can walk 
you can run 
you can hide away,
then you´ll hear me say,
 it´s only love.
All the time that I cry 
that I die that I lost in you,
I´d always trust in you, 
it´s only love.

Verse 2
My man is creeping slowly day by day he´s knocking boots,
magnatising all the ladys, will I pick my gun and shoot.

Oh babys playing with my warning 
with my heart you shouldn´t play,
cause I´m living for the moment 
so I´m leaving you today.

I got a feeling baby 
I lose control 
you cut my heart in pieces 
you crush my soul.
I got a passion baby 
I lose control 
you rip my heart in pieces 
you crush my soul.

You can go 
you can walk 
you can run 
you can hide away,
then you´ll hear me say, 
it´s only love.
All the time that I cry 
that I die 
that I lost in you,
I´d always trust in you, 
it´s only love.


When I feel so bad when I feel so sad I´m longing,
at the time we had the time I can´t forget

Refrain x2
You can go 
you can walk 
you can run 
you can hide away,
then you´ll hear me say, 
it´s only love.
All the time that I cry 
that I die 
that I lost in you,
I´d always trust in you, 
it´s only love.




28 sept - EOY




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oh no... i'm slacking again... T-T evil kiayi!

go here though... and explore the site... damn funny 


 pls wait patiently for the pics to load.

let pictures do the talking!

Pics of my place in my class!

pls wait patiently for the pics to load >< its worth it.

 no more... dun be sad... sorry people... if the pics lag ur comp... haha >< anyway... more pics will come ur way... haha! it just that it takes some time to load, the upload. anyway...

USE FIREFOX! its better than IE than a million times haha! tata!


i passed my grading! after worrying and freaking out for 4 days. lol!

now to put 20 pics into my diary as i promised her. yes... my diary is a her i assume. haha! anyway... the seat at the back rawks! and i am 100% sure i failed my maths CT today. =(


an update! =) who's excited? *sees everyone raise hand* =) i have quite some pics! ok... so lets start with the day when we had langarts role play! 

lang arts role play was great. my grp topped the class haha! *happy* anyway,.. it was fun to act such lame stuff. siya was great and lionel was fab! yixiang was as shy as a rabbit. haha... NOT. we couldn do all groups that day, so the other 4 groups were postponed. and i manage to snap a few pics of them! i uploaded it. download the zip file in the "downloadables" section.

next.... let me show u my happy day eating lunch after i was too lazy to eat in school. i went to the stalls near my house to eat. i shall show u 2 pics of my neighbourhood... the pics give a peaceful feeling. haha

 neighbourhood after a rain

 on the overhead bridge with my coke slurpee!!! <3

next.... did u notice in the previous pictures, that it had just stopped raining... i took 12 bus home... and guess what happened? i walkied to the 2nd story to find out it was "flooded" not was in knee deep or anything... as it... u know the near the sides of the bus, there is a dent on the floor running from the front to the back of the bus. yeah... it was filled with water... and not just filled with water... whe the bus moves... the water moves too. making KFC coupons flow with it. whats a post without pictures?


 coupons and bubbles!

and as a bonus.... a video!    click here to view video =) 

and while i was going for my grading today... i SAW A lamborghini! <3<3<3 pics!

 back view

 front of the car

 back of the car

 the top looks like a staircase!

ok... no more pics... sorry... >< my dad says it's damn ex... but  actually.... anyone with a brain can figure that out. haha! i'm gonna be a rich taitai when i grow up and will have no problem forking out such a silly sum of money to buy a lamborghini. HAH! the i'll change my hp monthly lol! nah,,, if i am gonna be a rich taitai... i'm gonna buy a house and move my parents in first. then adopt a cat and a dog and spoil them silly. lol. i shall dream... but i will get it one day. the world's riches are mine... they belong to me! i will be rich one day!

till then... i shall countdown to my EOYs and my holidays!!! XP

Comp lesson

Comp lesson now. i cant log into the bloody msn. BAHHHH! did manage to finish my science assignment 4 today during chinese and CME. Been a long time since i have last logged into maple and it has changed alot. i wonder if water margin is still the same.

no pics leh... i shall take a few when i get home and then post it up here.

note/fact: jing jie sucks.

note/fact: yixing is irritating me while reading my post while peeping at my blog post while playing maple. lol. bored bored bored. later have lang arts role play. sad siah.

i go gain play le. dont care the mr yeo. haha. isn computer lesson for plaing games?

2nd day in school

for fun and laughter peace and joy, me, siya and elizabeth switch places. Now my seat [which was siya's seat] is so much nicer! sms without worry, sleep without getting caught, and i can irritate elizabeth on my left and siya on my right so they have half time rest while i irritate another instead of siya entertaining all my crap. siya sat on elizabeth's place cos she likes to daydream out of the window. elizabeth? she changed her seat with me cos me and siya wanted to change. roflmaozedong. XP

Mr Koh refuse to tell me his age. -.- i think he is 20 - 22. but he looks like sec 4. tmr got lang arts play. =((( i'm bored. i have 3000+ gold on gaia now! i my hard earned money. i shall have my dream avi soon... =) after like 7 months.... i need 423,000 plus plus more gold haha! 

germaine is daoing me on msn now. cos of the Cookie incident. she owes me a cookie. but i dont expect ehr to give me cos i'm at the dark bottom corner of her cupboard. like an abandoned softtoy. lol

dehui is talking to me on msn... and this is what happens...

   leadester   {§tå®s thåt §hÏñè tøgëthé® ås øñê} Im DH! De hui! add me add me add me add me! says:
Hallo. Dao girl.
[*2ismOs'o6__] boa/*/+VAIO laptop!!!+//           tralalala~~    <3 love for ramen! & BUBBLE TEA says:
why must u talk to me
why drive me hysterical
why do this to me
why do such to me
why must u force me to this dark corner
dont u feel guilty
dont u feel sympathy?
for a girl who just wants to stop typing?

 ooops! lol overreacting. today the report said i am in hip hop. GO AND DIE LA U! i am in inline skating and i intend to stay in it! knsccb eff la!

my sis will graduate from Monster Rubiks Training by this week. certified by me and my bro lol. she can now solve the rubiks cube without looking at the formula at an average speed. faster than any new-grads. =) while on the other hand, yuehuan still cant. OOOPS! =)

i feel tension in our class. T-T


the pasar malam downstairs is playing indian songs and it is driving me mad!

Lionel's house

Went lionel's house for lang arts project today. i reach the earliest. we said to meet at 9.00am. i went to his house at 8.00! =) den i hanged around his room, crapped happily.... sang, irritated, made lionel go mad. Then! yixiang came. we had to go fetch him. AND. whats worst is that.... yixiang is always mobile. so we went from busstop to busstop, petrol station to petrol station to find him. -.- EVERYTIME i go out with him, EVERYTIME he wear the same shirt -.- the one with zip as i threaten to strip him. lol XP and guess what? we saw a dead, flattened white cat on the road. like ewwww? the guts were all spilling out and yixiang say got crow go and eat. yucks!

den siya came and we went to the study room by force because siya and yixiang betrayed me. DEN. i ate my lollipop marshmallow in delight. DEN. this dumb guy came in and disrupted the whole environment. DEN, i took the chance to pull ALL of them to the playground! =) we played catching, marco polo and all the "balancing the see-saw" stuff. but we managed our play well. we memorised it u know! =)  i have the urge to use "DEN" but decided not to as i think it will drive u all up the wall.

ok... so after that we went to buy lunch and i hated the beansprouts [i know u all out there likes it but me does not]. we bought a 1.5litre coke and shared it while lionel drank strawberry yoghurt.... SPOILER! it stoped drizzzling and we went to the playground again! =) we played a bit, and siya went home. me,yixiang and lionel went ahead and played I SPY. its lame fine. lol.

den lionel drove me home... and i went home... and went to pasar malam to buy food home! =)


lol.... i remembered the joke from ismos's neighbour class jateka about the man and the lift. ok... so here it is

 1. John lived in the tallest block of flats in his town. He lived on the 15th floor. Everyday after school he would walk home. When he got to his block he would take the lift alone, as he never got into the lift with a stranger before. He owuld press the button for the 8th floor and then he would use the stairs to climb on the 15th floor. On rainy days however, he would press the button to the 15th floor. Why is this so? 

Answer: Because he was too short, and on rainy days, he could use his umbrella to press the button for the 15th floor.


THEN. i ask my mum who was reading the newspaper to guess. Elder bro and younger sis were around. so here it goes [loosely translated into english frm chinese] :

me: ma. this guy he lives on the highest floor in his building which is the 15th floor la. den right, everyday he will press the button in the lift to go to the 8th floor, den climb the stairs to the 15th floor. But on rainy days he will press the 15th floor button den go straight to the 15th floor. why?

mum: i heard it before.... something to do with the guy being short...

sis : oooh! on rainy days the lift flood ma!

All : -.-lll

bro : on rainy days u bring what?

sis : umbrella lor!

bro : den?


all : x.x


ok... shuyi isn't gonna be smiling when she sees me announcing "shuyi baobei" so big here! mwahhaah! but she cant do anything! i have a feeling that she will have me properly slaughtered. but she works on reverse psycology and has selective hearing and seeing, so lets see the  results tmr!

Today i did my rubiks maintanance! wasnt as easy as u think. But, for the sake of my rubiks... it's worth it! silicon spray, new stickers, new feel... ahhh... the wonder of rubiks. i think i'm in love with it lol! here, i shall show u some pictures!

dismantle,  sprayed silicon gel, washed the compartments, took out old and peeling stickers

 colourful stickers! see the base?

 my bro and i giving my sis MRT. [monster rubiks training]

 all stickers taken out! time to put it together!

 all black rubiks! all solved no matter how much u turn!

 all completed! <3

Today we celebrated my father side grandma's birthday, her birthday is next weds though. we went to fatty weng's restaurant to eat with the rest of the family members. all 19 people! =) happy that so many people can come and eat together! some pictures! oh... and i must say something... MY COUSIN BROUGHT AN N73 WITH 3.2MEGA IN FRONT OF ME! OUTRAGOUS! oh, and just a note, i only have ONE cousin who is 1 year older than me, and ONE who is 18 this year,  others are 20 over, 30 years old le. and they all dont talk to me... only one cousin called wenjie that is just as crappy and lame as me [the one with the N73] ... it runs in the family. lol! =) pictures!

 pig head!

 birthday grandma!

 fish head!

 fish tail...

 my COUSIN WITH THE N73! AHHHH! showoff...!!  *fold arms and pouts...* BLEEHHH!


wenjie gorgor's  contented smile? stupid smile? baichi smile?  -.- cant belive he posed for it 

 it runs in the family.... -.-

lol... tmr have school... remidial... TT DUN WAN LAAAAAA... wake up 7+ in the morn to go to school and either get bashed up by sinhui, or lenged by siya or driven up the wall by yuehuan... T-T... wo ming ku arrrrrr....


lol. miss ngau will blow if i do that.  from http://www.i-am-bored.com