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Kiara The (Domesticated) Tame Pet Red Fox
Kiara came to me when she was just 4 weeks old
, after her mum and sibling were killed on the road.

The little bundle of fur that I first picked up was covered in tics - sucking the life out of her, she also had fluid on her lungs (lungworms) and a nasty injury on her neck.  Even if her mum hadn't been killed she wouldn't have survived in the wild without the veterinary treatment that she received!

She could barely walk without tripping over her own feet, and it was heartbreaking those first few nights - to listen to her cry for her mummy!

And yet within those first few days she bonded with me, and I with her.

She soon saw me as her mum/bottle holder/playmate/protector, and if scared would call for me to pick her up for a cuddle.

I obviously had to face the horrible decision of would I keep her - but with the amount of foxes i see killed every day - whether on roads or being shot. I could not let her be re-released only to suffer a hard and short life.

Although it is perfectly legal in the UK for me to keep her, all vets/wildlife societys do not recommend foxes to be kept as pets, mainly this is because of the fact that they are not 'domesticated' animals, but what is a domesticated animal?

Just 10 generations of picking the most human friendly foxes gave foxes who are completly tame. (russian grey 'pet' foxes).

And wasn't the wolf tamed - which eventually led to all the dogs we keep today!

I think the real reason for the official recommendations are that they do not want foxes becoming the next fad in pets, which is understandable.

So after a few moments of doubt, (whether i was doing the right thing for her) I decided to keep her for good - she trusts me, and my life now revolves around her!