Below is a list of Antenna Design Programs that I hope you find useful with your experimentation and operating efficiency; and as you will see from these programs efficiency is everything. 

They do not require installation. 
Click the links; then click Open to run from the web or Save to save the program to your hard drive.
If you save it to your hard drive, double-click the file name from Windows Explorer (Right-click Start then left-click Explore to start Windows Explorer) and it will run.

Loaded Vertical Antennas & Coil Design

Bandwidth and End-Effect of a Wire-Cage Dipole Antenna

Coax Trap Design of Antenna Traps Using a Solenoidal Coil of Coaxial Line

Coil-Loaded, Ground-Mounted, Vertical or Slanting Antennas

Dipole Tuner + Coax Line + Balun + Balanced Line + Dipole

Performance of a Dipole, Feedline and Balun followed by a Tuner

Input Impedance & Feedline VSWR vs. Frequency

End-Fed End-Fed Antennas, Ground Systems, Tuning & Matching

Half-Wavelength Vertical Antenna and Tuner

Predict Helically Wound Vertical Antennas

Vertical & Dipole Input Impedance of Inverted-L

Performance of an Inverted-V 1/2-Wave-Resonant Dipole + Any Feedline

Type & Value of a Loading Component to Resonate an Antenna Wire

Transmitting Loop Antennas of Various Regular Shapes over a Range of Operating Frequencies

Transmitting Loop Antennas when the Perimeter is Less than 0.75 Wavelengths Long

Multi-Turn, Square, Frame (or Loop) Receiving Aerials

Horizontal, Loop antennas Fed via Balanced or Coaxial Lines

Single-Turn Transmitting Magnetic Loop Antennas of Various Regular Shapes