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Deform Bone Aid @Body

  (1) Select 12 bones as ribs,hips,shoulders(×2),upper_arms(×2),forearms(×2),thighs(×2) and shins(×2)
     This add-on has the restrictions as above.
     So this doesn't fit to the complex structured rigs.

  (2) Push [Generate]
    a)If the selected bones are short,the dialog arert you
    b)If the selected bones are enough,the dialog show you bones list

This is good selections.
These are not tested with those names,but ".R",".L" name rules and those places.
Ribs and Hips must be at X 0.0 position,and ribs Z must be upper than hips Y.
Shoulders must be child bones of ribs,Thighs must be child bones of hips.
Upper Arms must be Shoulder's child bones and Forearms must be Upper Arm's child bones.
Shins must be Thigh's child bones.


This is bad choice.
But this test is stopped when it finds error,so this message show you more errors than true errors.

a) knee
This construction is from that I found one sample that its joints doesn't turn on X-axis in one MOCAP system company's free downloads.
This can't track foot rotations well,so on rigify or the most of MOCAP rigs,if you can,it had better to be changed or removed.

b)Breast to shoulders
This rig is not used IK-chain(only 1 bones) or the similar structures.
It is because to let easy to edit and for simplify.
This is not for complete rigging,but for helping,for reduce times for setting up mobs.

2.After custom
  (1) Select rig,not need 12 bones again.
  (2) Push[Generate],reset constraints.

  (1) Select rig.
  (2) Push[Remove],remove custom bones by this script.

Khuu Yj,
2011/10/31 2:02