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BlendPose *Interim Publishing(暫定公開)

Category : Animation → Rigging
Filename : animation_blendpose.py → rig_blendpose.py

 Blender Add-on to blend poses from pose library like as Shapekey.


Problems Animation
One frame delay
Now,it catch the frame change event by region callback on INFO-Header,3D View-Window,and its Property Panel(UI). Those can do by only POST_PIXEL,so it can do after starting to draw the frame view. Property panel is for operation. 3D View is for instance animation. INFO is for render,so it catch by rendering progresbar drawing. Using Modal Handler ・Simple Animation ○(Timer Event) 

・GL Animation × 

・Render ×

・GameEngine ? 
  → It add or override armature object driver when a user operate UI.

The target is this pose bone and its target space LOCAL : × 
 It is like as the constraints on last place. Those can select other bones to its constraints' target,but in the opposite case,it may not work. Specifically,CopyLocation,CopyRotation,CopyScale,Transform,etc...those are to change transform properties. StretchTo,TrackTo,IK,etc...are right.

(1)Apply visual pose to bone transform properties.
It is to make new pose to pose library or to make the action strip with bone transform keys,not volume keys.
(2)Check to blend with NLA Editor. 
(3)Game Engine 
(4)Rotation Axis Angle 

Khuu Yj,
2013/03/10 19:52