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Python sctipts

The rig scripts can't work since around Blender2.59 svn r39514 by fix (Vertex * Matrix).
I will not fix against that problem until the official fix.

  Auto create facial rig and Lipsync.
  Append custom bones to rigify.

  Creating Basic Facial Rig as one of the Face Bone Tool's function.
  To simple constructure
  To 2 step processing as positioning and deforming.

  Creating Basic Deformers for Human Boned Rig
  Around Shoulders,Hip joiints,Back,Breast,and Knees.
  Without forearms because their initial rotation is differnet on each rigs.
  For General

 Blend poses from pose library like as shapekey.

 Import vsq multi-track data to shapekey action or single action for blend pose.

 Swith the draw wire mode at selected mesh object"s".

・Set initial pose with Action-Constraints.
・Make FCurve from bvh data.
  →Need correspondence table.