K. Hutson Price

Wish me monsters



No pictures of K. Hutson Price exist.  Due to a level three flaw, Price cannot be photographed, appear in movies, or on this website.








Why so broken?

Born in Texas and educated on both coasts, K. Hutson Price did time as a government contractor, recruiter, used car salesmen, and currently flings information at prepubescent individuals as a 5 th grade teacher in a low-income public school. 

Price is the LETS (Law Enforcement Teaching students) liason for Mesquite School District and a member of the Texas Defensive Shooters club.  So far these facts remain mutually exclusive.


Price's writing is influenced by Joss Whedon's every word, World of Warcraft, the insane things students pull at school,  and almost anything that Yard Dog Press throws out there.  To experience that odd blending of styles, readers can find Price's short fiction in International House of Bubbas, Underglass, This Way Up, Under the Clocktower , and Flush Fiction.  Both novels are available at that book place or directly from the publisher Yard Dog Press.  Two stories have also been featured at www.revolutionsf.com.


All the hobbies that were once entered into with wild abandon have been whittled down to stalking Brad Denton, feral cricket slaying and the occasional Olympic hamster toss event.   However, Price does continue to collect money, but will happily accept fan mail and free drinks in lieu of folding cash. 


Current Projects:


Ultimate Model with Bev Hale is a wee bit dark.


The Conclave is future fantasy novel involving long-lived clones that takes place in New Orleans.


Blue Silk is a Japanese future fairy tale located off world.