K. Hutson Price

Wish me monsters

There are others

Some of my favorite people linked by my favorite story.

No Good Deed


You May Kiss the Bride

Voices of Vision

Dark Carnival


Trust me, just read him.

Lords of the Razor

Strange Robby

And even more with suspicious intentions

Their hips move

They beat each other while I watch

My buddies

The dogs







An open door is an open invitation

Beheaded gladiolus littered the ground.  The gnarled stick raised on high, I celebrated my victory with whoops and whirls.

It was a curse, the kind no one believes in any more.  The kind frazzled adults wish on unruly children who trample flowerbeds on a summer Sunday afternoon.

The woman, her fresh-from church-face melting in the Texas heat, looked into my eyes.  I froze despite the heat.  Caught in that backyard garden that I'd sworn never to enter again - and she cursed me.

She wished me monsters.







 But enough about me, you want more...