1st Event-

                                   -Study Material Delivery Functon-

(16 Feb 2009) Delivering Study Material To The Students President Khushi Manav Seva Samiti Mr. Irfan Surya Along With The Secretery Mr. Rupesh Awadhiya And Member Mr. Vishnu Mahobia.

2nd Event-

         -Clothes Delivery Function In Handicopped Girls Home-

(20 Feb 2009) At Samta Coloney Delivering Clothes To Handicopped Girls Secretary Of Khushi Manav Seva Samiti Mr. Rupesh Awadhiya Along With President Mr Irfan Surya Under Secretery Mrs. Anushri Maturkar And Other Members.

3rd Event-
                          -Food And Grain Delivery At Old Home-    
(1 march 2009) At Mana Basti President Mr. Irfan Surya And Secretary Mr. Rupesh Awadhiya.

4th Event-
                                            - Free medical camp-
(12th march 2009) At Ram Kund Satsang Bhawan President  And Secretary Of Khushi Manav Seva Samiti And Doctors Giving Their Services To The Patients.

5th Event-

                                      -Essay writting competetion-
(21 june 2009) Writting Essays The Students And An Invigilator Of Khushi Manav Seva Samiti.