Khushbu Mishra

I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Stetson University. My teaching responsibilities include Development Economics, Health Economics, and Foundations of Economics.

My research work broadly focuses on Gender and Development Economics, Agricultural Economics, and Impact Evaluation. 

Born in a rural society in Nepal, where the majority of families depend on agriculture for their living, I am passionate to formulate innovative solutions to ending social inequalities in developing, agrarian economies. I bring in these experiences into my classroom teaching.

Previously, I have worked as a Research Associate at The Ohio State University and co-managed a 3 year USAID-BASIS funded RCT project in Ghana as well as assisted with a FTF-funded experiment in Tanzania. Besides, I have worked as a consultant for the World Bank Group for an irrigation project in Nepal and UNICEF for a school quality survey in the East Asia and the Pacific. These experiences have broadened my knowledge of economic problems that developing countries often face and inspired me to formulate evidence-based policy solutions.

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