Khushbu Mishra

I am a PhD Candidate in Applied Economics at The Ohio State University. My work broadly focuses on Gender and Development Economics, Agricultural Economics, and Impact Evaluation. Currently working as a:
  • Impact Evaluation Coordinator for Development Impact Evaluation for the World Bank Group.
  • Research Associate for a USAID funded Randomized Control Trial Project on Index Insurance in Ghana under Professors Mario J. Miranda and Abdoul G. Sam 

Born in a rural society in Nepal, where the majority of families depend on agriculture for their living, I am passionate to formulate innovative solutions to ending social inequalities in developing, agrarian economies. Upon graduation with a Bachelors in Economics and Mathematics, I worked for UNICEF regional office in Bangkok, Thailand. This experience furthered my interest in exploring solutions to problems that developing economies often face, which lead me to join the Applied Economics program at OSU.

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