Khullar Engineers India (KEI)
We are experienced in manufacturing oil expeller.
We will provide you best quality of products and best service after-sale!
Natural products are the basis ...

                         Cattle-feed          Cotton Seeds     Sunflower           Ground Nuts

Natural products are the basis of our life, even in a technology-dependent world. You process these products daily. We can support you in the smooth operation of your added-value chain with high-quality wear parts and machines with a perfect-fit and a long service life. We will look after you. Customer orientation and customer support is the force that drives

us to realize efficient, economical and ecological system solutions. You can rely on us in consulting and acting to your favour. Our corporate objective is the building of long-term costumer relationships that will produce for you a noticeable increase in efficiency and quality in the production area. We operate worldwide for our customers – Call us!

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