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personal narrative my trip to Europe

Personal Narrative



Passport, security checkpoints, baggage claims, and a ten hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany. On September 16, 2009 my mom, dad, brother, and I were all in Calgary, Canada waiting to board an Air Canada air bus to fly to Germany. We were going to Holland, Germany, and England to visit our relatives.

            We were in Holland. It was a cold September morning at five am. We were going trout fishing with my mom, dad, brother, uncle, aunt, oma, and my dad’s cousins. While we were at the lake my dad got sick but he fished through it. He sill helped me catch a trout. To kill the trout they take a wooden dowel and whack the fish over the head with enough strength to break its neck. Later that day, while my Oma was napping, I took one of the dead trout we had caught and held it over her open mouth. While I was doing this my aunt took pictures. When we were done fishing we had caught 4 trout. This is a day of trout fishing I will never forget.

            While in England my mom, dad brother, grandma, great uncle and I all went to Stratford upon Avon. When we got there, we found out there was a food festival going on. We walked around the festival and saw different types of food. We saw beer called cat piss and dog piss. We all laughed when we saw them. When we were done, we went on a river cruise up and down the River Avon. While on the cruise, we saw the William Shakespeare Theater but it was under construction. When we were done with the cruise, we went to eat lunch at a restaurant and all had fish and chips. On the way out, we took the left over chips. I said “Dad watch the fish eat the french fry!” We stood and watched the fish eat for about five minutes. Then we had to go because the parking meter was almost out of time and we did not want a ticket.

            When we got back to Germany my mom, dad, brother, aunt, uncle, my oma’s cousin, and I went to Heidelberg. We got to see the Schloss, or a castle, to look around. We saw some amazing views of the river and the city below us. We saw the biggest wine barrel from the sixteen hunderds. After walking around the castle, we went down to see the Heidelberg Bridge. On the bridge there were some amazing statues. When we were done, we found a tasty restaurant to have lunch. We all ordered schnitzel. It was so good! That’s why I will never forget my trip to Heidelberg.

My trip to Europe was amazing. I got to see and experience new things. I also got to meet my great grandmother on my mother’s side of the family, who is ninety-six years old. My trip was perfect until we were coming home. Our plane from Germany was an hour late so; when we got to Calgary, Canada we missed our flight home. We got the airline to get us a new flight so; we could get home that day. The airline put us on a two hour flight to Denver and then from Denver on another two hour flight to San Diego. When we got home we were so happy because we had been awake for twenty-four hours straight. Even with this bump in the road, I would still go back to Europe anytime!