Color Guard

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What is Colorguard?

Colorguard has often been called “The Sport of the Arts” because it combines artistry and
performance with athleticism and precision. Members are trained like athletes, but
perform as artists. Modern color guards use flags, sabres, rifles, and occasionally other
equipment, and quite a lot of ballet, jazz, modern, and contemperary modern dance.
Imagine a Broadway show with the precision of the military! We also use the elements of
expression along with equipment and movement to tell a story. The music and scenery set
the stage but the performer completes the show!

The Kamiak High School Colorguard is an integral part of the award winning Kamiak
Show Band. The Colorguard has won High Auxillary/Colorguard at nearly every
Marching Band Competition in the NW! We hope you will join us and continue this
tradition of excellence!

The Kamiak Colorguard will take anyone with dedication who is willing to work hard!
Our ensemble prides itself on taking anyone who wants to be a part of this award winning
program. That means you aren’t required to audition to participate!

Our program emphasizes:
- Excellence in all aspects of one’s life
- Teamwork and cooperation
- Academic achievement
- Leadership
- Confidence in one’s self and one’s abilities

What you get out of being a part of the Colorguard:
- As freshmen you meet older students before the school year even starts
- An athletic activity that help keeps you in good physical health
- Performance opportunities throughout the school year
- A sense of pride and ownership
- Self Discipline
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