image2 - Ad on the Side

I wanted to simplify Slashdot and give it some style with this design. My goal was to emphasize the stories without damaging the integrity of the Ads. We all have to make money. I moved the "Sections" links to the top to focus on the stories and to give the site a little bit of a tabbed feel. I moved the search to the top because that seems to be the sweet spot for that on most websites and many users look there first. I reduced the columns down to 2 because I felt that it would be a bit redundant having three. Removed the login section from the left column and moved the rest to the right hand column. I chose to keep the right hand column instead of the left to, once again, focus on the stories. I feel, as a regular user of Slashdot, stories are the whole point of the site. As this is currently an image it doesn't have the real elements of an actual html/css based design. I'm fleshing that out right now and plan to have multiple versions, one with a layout that expands with the browser and one that doesn't. I prefer the expanding one like Slashdot has right now, myself.