About Us

 What could a fallen tree branch mean to a child? It could be a powerful sword ready to conquer any battle, or a lovely flute waiting to sing a happy tune. For a child, the possibilities are endless. For a child, the imagination can do wonders.

Khloe's Klubhouse is the newest show for children!
The show is targeted for kids ages 3-7 and focuses on getting children to use their imagination through the art of live storytelling.

Khloe accidentally drops her storybook and all the stories fall out! It's up to her and her friends Molly and Benji to pick up the pieces and fill the blank pages with new adventures.

In each episode, Khloe, Molly, and Benji pull out 3 random objects and, by using their imaginations, use those items to guide them in creating and performing a story on a magical stage. Each tale is full of fun and surprises, but also leaves everyone with meaningful lessons relating to social interaction, moralistic values, and relationship building tools.