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September 24, 2017
Rookie draft is complete and teams are ready for the start of the FA draft, which puts us on schedule to start the season Oct 4th

October 10, 2016
We have made it to the start of the 2nd KHL season. The official file will be sent out and players can then get started with games. This year we go for 26 consecutive one week blocks with the season ending the same week as the NHL.
Good Luck to all!!

Sep 5, 2016
The game is scheduled to be released on the 8th and I will have the first KHL file out shortly thereafter. First step will be for each team to confirm their roster, then cutdowns and then the FA draft.

Aug 10, 2016
Hope everyone is having a good summer. The KHL off-season will get underway as soon as the game is released, hopefully it is on track for an early September release.

June 25, 2016
The rookie draft is complete, see the link to the 2016 rookie draft guide for all the picks. The next important date is July 1st which is when we see which UFA's from the NHL will become FA's in the KHL.

2016 KHL Playoffs
Chicago Blackhawks are the 1st KHL Champion. After an impressive run through their own conference, going 12 - 3, they came up against a feisty Florida Panthers. Florida had scratched and clawed their way through three 7 game series to make the finals so it was fitting the KHL final would go to 7 games. Chicago prevailed and Bryan Sakolsky would claim the first every KHL championship.

Playoffs start April 18th.

The trade deadline is February 29th 2016 at 3pm eastern time

Nov 5, 2015
We are now into week 4 and the league is chugging along nicely. The injury system seems to be working and a few teams are fighting the injury bug.

Oct 11, 2015
All the lineups are in, and we are ready to drop the puck on our first season. Games for the week are due Sundays at 10p eastern time, any games not submitted by that time will be sim'd.

Sep 20, 2015
FA draft is complete, 10 rounds in 10 days, way to go guys!!
Next up will be 3 rounds of drop/add, format to follow. Drop/Add will start on Tuesday Sep 29th.

September 9, 2015
I've updated the 2016 UFA list from This list may be useful for the draft, and when it comes to decisions on trading for players.

September 7, 2015
Teams must verify their rosters, announce any player designates, and announce any cuts by Thursday Sep 10th at 10pm eastern time.
  • teams will consist of an active roster of 30, and 2 designates. 
    • Teams must maintain an active roster of 30 and be under the salary cap at all times
    • There will be a cutdown each offseason to 20-23 players
      • Players exempt to the 20-23 player cutdown that don't need to be counted towards your 20-23 player cutdown, although they can be if needed.
        • Rookies from this years draft
        • Players who played less than 40 games the previous season (15 for goalies), and are 25 years old or less
    • Each team get’s 2 designates: these can be veterans who played less than 10 games due to injury (and not being demoted to minors), or players 25 and under who played less than 10 games (5 for goalies) the previous year. 
      • These 2 designates will be set to inactive for the entire year including playoffs. 
      • Designate players can be traded while trading is open

September 2, 2015
Here is a rough schedule:

by Sep 10th, teams need to verify their roster and announce up to 2 player designates (see rules)

Friday Sep 11th, trading opens

Saturday Sep 12th, FA draft starts
- the FA draft will be 10 rounds with timed rounds each day. Rounds 1-3 will be Sat - Mon, Tuesday will be an off day for everyone to catch up. Rounds 4-6 will be Wed - Fri, then another day off, then the final rounds.
~Sep 28th will be a 2-3 round drop/add, I'm still working out the details of how this will happen, and how many rounds, but thinking 2-3.
This gives us ~ a week and a half to set our lineups etc for the start of the season which will be Oct 12th.

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 League Calendar
- Oct 4th: Game-on. KHL is on a one week schedule, games are due Sunday at 10p eastern time and updated coach files (if you want) are due Monday at 10p eastern time.