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September 21, 2018

The KHL is preparing for its fourth season and this year the UFA class is as good as there has been. The Rookie draft will commence on Sep 24th and the FA draft on the 28th. We will have a compressed off-season schedule this year, mainly due to a bit of a late start on my part, then an issue with the initial file that took DK a few days to work out.

Past Champions

2015-16: Chicago (Bryan Sakolsky)

2016-17: Florida (now Buffalo - Paul King)

2017-18: Anaheim (Joe Pawlicky)

League Calendar

  • Sep 24, start of rookie draft
  • Sep 28, cutdowns required
  • Sep 28, start of FA draft
  • Oct 16, start of regular season

- Oct 16: Game-on. KHL is on a one week schedule, games are due Sunday at 10p eastern time and updated coach files (if you want) are due Monday at 10p eastern time.

Game screen from ActionPC hockey. Learn more about ActionPC hockey at DK Sports website: