Membership and Points


Most of these forms are available at the horse show, but show managers love it when you arrive prepared!

KHJA Membership Form KHJA Membership Form

KHJA Registered Horses

KHJA Horse Registration Form KHJA Membership Form

KHJA Horse Show Entry Form KHJA Membership Form

KHJA Rule Book (revised 2018)KHJA Rulebook

Show Results and Current Points
It may take up to 30 days after a show for points to be updated, thank you for your patience!

KHJA sanctioned show results

KHJA year end award point standings

To report errors in membership status, show results, or current points, please click here.

  • Please remember that according to KHJA rules, show managers are given two weeks to submit the show results and member/horse registration forms to the KHJA points secretary. Also, the KHJA point secretary position is a part time position. Therefore, a time lag in posting the above information could be up to a month.
  • All show results are preliminary. Points are subject to final verification by the KHJA Points Secretary. Final points will be announced at the annual meeting and party.
  • By joining KHJA you receive discounted entry fees at the horse shows and you can accumulate points toward year-end awards.
  • Remember, in order for horses to accumulate points and to have a chance at the high point horse/rider combination year-end awards, horses and their owners must also be registered with KHJA.