Current Members/Horses, Show Results, and Point Standings

Click on the following links to obtain the most current information available.

If you have a question, concern, correction, issue with your membership, your horse's registration, points or placings at a show - you can click on the 'issue' link (top menu in the KHJA server) and fill out the form. It will be sent directly to the KHJA points secretary.

  • Please remember that according to KHJA rules, show managers are given two weeks to submit the show results and member/horse registration forms to the KHJA points secretary. Also, the KHJA point secretary position is a part time position. Therefore, a time lag in posting the above information could be up to a month.
  • All show results are preliminary. Points are subject to final verification by the KHJA Points Secretary. Final points will be announced at the annual meeting and party.
  • By joining KHJA you receive discounted entry fees at the horse shows and you can accumulate points toward year-end awards.
  • Remember, in order for horses to accumulate points and to have a chance at the high point horse/rider combination year-end awards, horses must also be registered with KHJA.