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VVEC show schedule change for Saturday June 12!

We are starting BOTH RINGS tomorrow at 8am. Main ring starts with 2’6” hunters. The derby will start after the 3’6” hunters are completed. 

Ring 2 starts at 8 am with ground poles. 

The 2’ and 2’3 divisions will follow the 18” in RING 2 

Breakfast will still be served at 8!

2020 Year End Awards will be available to be picked up at the first few horse shows of the year. If you are unable to attend or stop by these shows, please try to arrange for a friend or trainer to pick up your awards. Full year end results will be posted in our next newsletter, out soon!

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  • Are you interested in finding out more about KHJA?
We encourage you to contact one of the KHJA Trainers/Barns in the area! They are an excellent resource and can answer any questions that you might have.