Writery Writer Who Writes

A selection of photos & comments from my "I'm a Writerly Writer Who Writes" board at Pinterest,
posted here for those who are not members.
Study the pictures & comments at Pinterest if at all possible! The size & resolution is way better there.
(http://www.pinterest.com/sherryttreehous/ima-writerly-writer-who-writes/  ) 

I realize no one wants to sign on to yet another site--we all belong to so many! But Pinterest is relatively painless. You do the usual user/password, create a board, add just one pin, and then spend a couple of minutes (hours) looking at whatever interests you. (There's a rough subject index)
Guess what? You can see the pictures in more detail by clicking on them! What a concept!
Who knows? You might enjoy an obscure board named, "I'm a Writerly Writer Who Writes".
Stranger things have been known to happen.

The Introduction to Writery Writer

People say they’re not creative so they can’t write or do art. Nonsense! I bet you daydream? Anyone who daydreams has an imagination. As a fantasy author, I use my creativity to write stories. I love books! But I’m fascinated by photos & paintings. Ambiguous pix stimulate our imaginations. We wonder, What’s she thinking? or Why would anyone make that? or Why does that tree attract me/ make me feel uneasy? When we make up answers, that’s our imaginations making up stories!                                                  (See my “Trees” board for more)


I'll be adding barely readable thumbnails from "I'm a Writerly Writer Who Writes" until I've posted all of them. Seriously now--don't strain your eyes. Join Pinterest.
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