I took part in an altar-cloth craft class (sort of) nearly ten years ago.

After our initial session, I brainstormed techniques for the painted background, followed by symbols of faith, quotations, photocopies important to me, portraits of people and of characters that I'd add. It took me several days to do just this--what with rooting around the stuph I already owned & then ransacking A. C. Moore for the missing oddments.

The uh... "composition elements" (bits & pieces to attach)  grew until my collection was daunting. What could I use for a  permanent backing which would hold everything? Certainly not the craft-leader's original advice re foam poster board.

Back to AC Moore. Eventually I chose three small canvas boards meant for oil or acrylic painting, which I hinged together with glue and canvas strips.

If I were to place the triptych on its back and you where to view it from some distance away, this is the shape you might see...   \_/    It can be  opened further until it is flat but then it won't sit upright.

Below are its three panels...                                                                                             HOME <

Envision if you will these three sections attached to each other in order from left to right.

I'll get back to this page later and take time to explain why I included the odder symbols.
If I can find it, I'll also post a small pix of the entire triptych.
Maybe even what it sits on and some of the things surrounding it.

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