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 What's Coming up?

The CFRB began blog-touring "Seabird", my young adult Christian fantasy novel, on

January 4, 2009.

For information about "Seabird" or about the CFRB (the Christian Fiction Review Blog), please follow the links below & to the left.

Please take the time to click on each, read the entry, and make a comment. Many people worked very hard to make this tour happen. I know they will appreciate your comments.


CFRB Blog Tour for "Seabird",
my YA fantasy novel!

CFRB Blog Tour “HQ” 

(Scroll down for David Brollier's review, then back up through the ensuing entries & comments)


Christian Mystery Writers - Please check out the new review!


The Guild Review -- review of Seabird


Steve Rice's review of Seabird -- I love the humor!

Check out the commentary, too!


Grace Bridges' review of Seabird

Thanks, Grace -- including for today's offer!


Cathi's Chatter, with COMMENTARY about Seabird


Cathi's Chatter, with her REVIEW of Seabird

Thanks for everything, Cathi!


 A review of Seabird by Melissa Meeks is at her Bibliophile's Retreat

Laura Davis' blog, with commentary re Seabird


Susan McGeown's Faith-Inspired Books, with commentary


Caprice Hokstad's Queen of Convolution site, which mentions Seabird


Alisha Wilson's interview with me on Thursday January 15

Gryphonwood Press blog 

An interview hosted by my editor, Dave Wood, re "Seabird"

Xanthorpe's short Interview with me at his LiveJournal blog



 Phyllis Wheeler, editor of 

"The Christian Fantasy Review"

 posted her review of "Seabird" on Mar 23 2009


 SEABIRD nominated!

Someone who did the nominating let slip that "Seabird" is amongst the probably -huge- list of Mythopoeic Society Award nominees for fiction published in 2008.  

I'm thrilled! 

However, I am not holding my breath expecting to find it on the short list of 5 final nominees for the award. (3-24)


Latest in Spec (January 2009 issue)

has information about Seabird. Check the URL for details.


Mayra Calvani's review of Seabird is up!

(Mayra is the author of  The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing.)